Rupert: A Voice In The Dark

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Hello there. Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. Please, calm down. I know it's scary, a voice coming out of the darkness. I assure you I mean you no harm. I can't harm you even if I wanted to for I am nothing more than A Voice In The Dark. I cannot manifest in any way, just speak.

Actually, if you'll forgive me for saying this, this is quite exhilarating for me. I didn't know anyone other than my sister, Celeste, could hear me speak. It's rather nice to talk to someone else for once. May I speak with you?

My name is Rupert Lichtenberg. I was once a budding Blood Sorcerer. Adopted son of the Blood Sorceress Caledonia Murphy, biological child of Boris Lichtenberg and Orlantha Fuchs - well, Fuchs was my mother's maiden name until she married my father, obviously. Now - well, I lost The Game, no, not your silly internet one, the REAL Game. I lost it by dying and in so doing became nothing more than A Voice In The Dark. Able to speak, to see, to hear, but not to be seen, unable to touch, to smell. I speak without a breath.

Dying has not stopped me from learning. Learning hard truths that is. Truths about the woman who raised me, who I thought loved me the way a mother should. Who I thought loved my sister as well. The daughter she had given birth to. A daughter she had wanted so badly that she made a deal with one of the fae - a Red Cap to be specific, who was terrorizing Whitechapel London in 1888. She helped him leave the city he was trapped in for his natural habitat in exchange for him helping her get pregnant and have a child.

I know now Caledonia Murphy didn't love either of us. Oh, she showed love to me, doted on me, but it was all pretend. And behind closed doors she was cruel to my sister. Away from my eyes so I wouldn't know about the abuse Celeste suffered. Suffered because she looked so much like her grandmother, the vampire Constance Maynard. Almost a mirror image. Whereas Caledonia Murphy was tall with long, straight red-blonde hair, brown eyes with streaks of blue, taking more after her human father, the vampire hunter Fergal Murphy, Celeste would grow to look like Constance. Short, fat, with curly blonde hair and steel blue eyes.

I once saw Caledonia's twin brother, also a vampire hunter - and a Dhampire like mother, half vampire, half human - Flaithbertach Murphy. He also took after Constance a lot. Oh, he was every bit as tall as mother, but with more bulk to him. I think if not for the fact he trained hard to fight and hunt vampires he would have been every bit as fat as Constance. His kept his blond hair cut extremely short, but you could see it's tendency to curl all the same. And he had the same eyes.

All of Constance's descendants seemed to take more after her than others in the family tree. As if her vampire genes, even as they grew more and more diluted through the centuries as more vampire hunting Murphys were born, were far more dominate than the human genes.

Ah, but it's my story I should tell. Lichtenberg means "light" or "hill" depending on whom you ask. Fuchs means "fox." Both families had ancestors who had practiced magic based on their names many centuries ago, but neither of my birth parents did. Still, the magic was in their very blood, if they had been trained in it they could have done great things. Which is why Caledonia was so determined to have them meet, marry, and have a child that she could then take and raise to one day join with her blood line. For while Caledonia never played The Game, she did play other games.

I can only imagine how she got them to meet. As for falling in love, that part was no doubt somewhat easy. With the blood of someone who's truly in love - a hard thing to find, to tell the truth, for many never really know true love, just fool themselves into thinking it's love out of desperation and loneliness - someone who does the kind of blood magic we did could make powerful love potions. Ones that needed to be given in very small amounts for too much can turn it from love to a deadly obsession.

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