My Player Next Door

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He texted me. For the first time is several months. I couldn't believe it. Was he actually willing to talk to me? The Tristan Adams?

"Hey" he said. Not much but it was a start. "Heyy(:" I replied with much enthusiasm. He replied instantly "Wanna come out to the pound with me and Josh??" "Of course. I would love too(: Be there in a sec.(:" I replied.

I headed out my door, trying to sneak away from my parents. But mom caught me. "Where you going?" she asked. "Going to take the dogs for a walk, is that ok?" I lied. "Don't stay out to late." she replied. "Ok mom, love you" "Love you too sweetheart"

It was 12:30 P.M and I didn't plan to stay to long. I finally got to the pound only to find them on the other side. Josh headed my way, but I hadn't seen Tristan anywhere. Then, he came from behind Josh.

Wow! He sure did look good.

Josh only said hi. I was ok with that. But Tristan came over to hugged me.

Wow. He smells amazing. This is the first time he has talked to me in a long time.

We went and sat down in the grass. Tristan finally broke the silence "Y'all wanna play truth or dare?" Of course I do. "Sure sounds good" I replied with a smirk on my face. Josh just nodded his head.

Josh is first player, he took his shirt off and swing it around as his app told him to. I was player two, I tapped the screen to see my dare. "I dare you too.... Kiss player number three" I read out loud. I instantly looked at Tristan, who has a smile on his face.

Right as we almost kissed my dog stated to act up. "Wow! Really? You had to act up now didn't you?" I thought. He chuckled and pet my dog. She instantly calmed down. Then, He kissed me. Out of no where! But it was nice. "I am going to go take my dog home, but I will be back" I said. As I left, I had the biggest smile on my face. He made my day.

As I got home I put my dog up, and walked back to finish my day in a good way,..,hopefully.

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