Chapter 2

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Alex, Jenny and I walked to registration looking so happy. Alex was grinning too much, but he was good looking. So that's okay. I was grinning. Only because Alex was grinning, and when Alex grins, I grin. I still can't believe he asked me out!! Jenny was happy too. She was happy for me, and Alex of course. I don't think she would of been as happy if she fancied Alex too. She fancies Matt. I guess he's kind of fit. But, and don't tell Jenny this, Alex is way fitter.

Sitting in registration next to Alex. I wonder what people are thinking about me and him. I wasn't really talking to him much. He was talking to the guys behind him. One of those guys was Matt. I don't really see why Jen likes him. He's not really her type. He is good looking, but he never treats girls with respect. He doesn't care about anything or anyone but himself. I don't really like him. Then again, I don't really talk to him. But I know enough to know that he's trouble.

Alex turned towards me, I looked back at him. His eyes were so beautiful. And his nose, and his mouth, his face! He smiled at me. I smiled back. He has the best looking smile in the whole world. He really do-... Everyone was looking at me. What have I done wrong now? Is it because I'm going out with Alex? Is my hair a mess? Do I have pen on my face? Is my zipper down? I'm wearing a skirt! Is there giant monster, stood behind me, looking hungry? I went bright red.

"Sam?" called out Mr. Jones.

"Oh, here, Sir." Phew. I thought I did something wrong. Or there was a giant monster about to eat me! I turned around just to make sure. Aaron, the boy sat next to Matt, laughed at me.

"Aren't you a wee bit stupid?" He mumbled in his annoying, fake Scottish accent.

"Shut up, Aaron."

"Ooh! Wee lass getting a bit feisty!" His annoying fake Scottish accent was getting on my nerves.

"Leave her alone, Aaron. She's done nothing to you." Sir- wait... That's not Mr. Jones' voice! It was Alex. Whoa, maybe this is true love.

"Aw, Alex as a wee girlfriend. How cute."

"At least I can get a girlfriend," Alex snapped.

"I can get one! I just.. I.. I don't want one!" Aaron stopped using his Scottish accent. Thank God.

"That's good, because they wouldn't want you." Wow. Alex was sticking up for me.

"Yes they do!! They just haven't realised it yet."

I think this was getting a wee bit out of hand. Then the bell rang. Phew.

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