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Yn pov

I waited the whole week for Jaden to ask me to prom.
I guess I'm going alone with Jayla.

"YNN!!!" Jayla came running at me.
"Devin asked me to prom!!!" (Random guy)
"I'm sooo happy for you!!!" I smile
"Did Jaden finally ask you?"
"Nope" my smile fades.
"He is, if he's not I'm gonna kill him."
"Let's hope he is"


I walk to school with Jaden, Javon and Jayla.
As always. Jayla and Javon always sit in the front tho.

As we went into the car, Jaden put his arm around me as always.
I just looked out of the window.

"You okay?" Jaden asked while he smiled softly.
"Yeah" I simply said.
"Your sure?"

I saw Jayla rolling her eyes. I guess she knows me too well.
I couldn't, but giggle.

Jaden looked at me and smiled.
I smiled back, a fake smile tho.

I mean we are dating and all flirty but he's not asking me to prom?
Maybe I'm overreacting.

But what if he already asked another girl..

My smile fades away.



I simply don't like it. Like if you want to know about history just use google, tf?

Whatever, I have history with Jaden so it's not this bad...

We are sitting next to each other, but he's always at his phone...
Normally he's not..

Why is he on his phone like literally all the time.

I try to look at his phone but he turns it off.


Maybe I am overreacting.

"You okay?" I asked kinda worried.
"Mhm" he answered not looking at me.

Now I see it. We kinda have a toxic relationship.
Around many people he's like all lovely, but if no one is paying attention, it's literally just toxic.

Does he even love me?

Jaden pov

I wanna surprise Yn. I wanna ask her out to prom, but in a special way.

Till then I want to pretend like I don't know about prom.

Maybe I'm doing too much.. because she's kinda mad.

I love her with all my heart.
But she's getting distant.

Hopefully she's not losing feelings...

Oh, I'm on my phone the whole time because I'm searching on the internet different stuff to ask girls out.
Plus some decorations, which are gonna arrive before prom.

I want to work out everything perfect.

I also need to get her a present.
One she's never going to forget and have around her.


A ring?

Ugh I need to think..
I only have like 3 more days till I'm asking her out.


School ends.

I need Javons help.
Or is it a bad idea?


As I'm about it get back home someone stops me, by grabbing me by my arm and taking me into a room...

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