The Start..

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"Leslie, we shouldn't be here. What if my parents worry about where we went?" Kaylee whined, stepping closer to Leslie as the skies grew darker. 

Leslie turned her head, smiling brightly as the moonlight hit the features upon her face. The damp tear stains were clear as day. Even in the shaded forest, the atmosphere was full of pain. Pain of losing someone you love. Kaylee knew much of that, but Leslie didn't.

The time seemed to slow as Kaylee took a step forward, capturing Leslie's hands in hers. She only wishes she felt the same, and she knew the scars were only proof. But had Leslie even realized all Kaylee's done for her? Has she realized all she wants to really do is hug her, hold her hand, kiss her? She took an unsteady breath, the crisp air puffing into faint clouds.

"It'll be okay." 

The words came as a whisper from Kaylee's slightly parted lips. 

Leslie's glistening tears slowly tapped against the snow, sinking to the dead grass beneath it. 

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