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Hello, there you pretty soul!

Thank you so much for choosing my book 'Her Fake Innocence'

It's a mafia siblings book.

Things you should know before reading further -

1 • This is my first book, so obviously it will be not the best but I put my whole effort to make it better.

2 • English is NOT my first language, I'm nowhere near a native speaker. There will spelling or grammar mistakes in this book.

3 • Any language other than English has been translated from google Translate or the translator app.

4 • Mafia siblings' books are kinda similar so if any scene is similar to other books it's a complete coincidence.

5 • I do not own any pictures used in this book. They're taken from Pinterest, their rights go to their owner.

6 • There will be a time when your belief doesn't match with any character just remember that everyone has their thinking.

7 • This book contains some dark stuff.

8• The author of this book is not always in her best state, there will be times when I need a break with hella chocolates, ice creams, dramas, and sleep. So, if I don't give any update just know the author is getting her... senses back.

9 Don't think too much if you end up having a reply months before the comment :D

10 • If you don't like this book. Please use the back button that's always at your service.

11 • You want me to change something about my book - add new ideas, my dm is always open for them. But no hate.


Trigger Warnings In The Book





Self - harm

Sensual content

Personality disorder

And more... [Will be mentioned in the chapter]


Happy reading everyone!

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