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Three Years Later

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As Charlotte closed the door, I realised that when she emerged again, my life could be exactly the same, or it could be completely different. I knew that there were advantages and disadvantages of both the former and the latter; I hoped it was the latter.

“Well?” I knocked impatiently at the bathroom door.

“Just a sec, honey!” Charlotte shouted at me. I was growing ever-more impatient with each passing second. As I jumped from foot-to-foot and paced the floor outside the room, I decided that I could no longer take it. This was not the first time I had been in this position.

I burst into the bathroom to find Charlotte staring down at the white stick in her hand.

“Well?” I urged.

I stared at my girlfriend in anticipation. “Is it positive?”

Charlotte looked up at me with a wide, ambiguous glare. She nodded.

I felt a surge of emotion rush through my body. I rushed over to Charlotte and immediately wrapped my arms around her, holding her body close to mine. Eventually, she loosely enclosed my body in her arms before letting out a deep sigh.

I held her at an arm’s length and peered down into her eyes. “I thought you wanted this. You didn’t seem unhappy when you told me that you were late.”

She pushed my arms away. “I am happy, Matt. I just thought that this would be a false alarm, like last time.”   I raised an eyebrow at her. “And,” she added, “I imagined this to happen after we get married.”

“You don’t want this anymore?” I asked in dismay. I thought that she did – she was devastated after the miscarriage.

“No, Matt, I couldn’t be happier! We’re going to be parents!” she chirped. I knew, at this that she was excited. She wrapped her arms around me, tighter this time.

“We’re going to be okay. I promise.” I whispered.

“I’m just scared that we’ll lose this baby too” she replied, squeezing me tighter.

“Don’t be. Try to stay positive. That was three years ago” I soothed. “Look how far we’ve come since then. The band is on hiatus, we bought a house in Huntington Beach, and now we’re going to have a family.”

 Charlotte smiled. I knew that she was ready.


:O It's officially over. I can't believe it. This is a last and small installment - trying to write the sequel i realised that this story needs a little closer like this.

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