Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Oh No!

So there I was in shorts and a tank-top and I was getting settled in and I closed my eyes and put my arms to my side and I started to want to twitch and wiggle and change positions but the picture told me to ignore those impulses so i did.

So 35 minutes or so pass bye and I start to hear giggles and I swear to baby Jesus I got smacked! But I stayed totally still! Then I felt my chest being weighted down and I tried to move but I couldn't! And at that moment I remembered the picture... "after 20-30 minutes you will feel a weight on your chest and you will be unable to move. If you open your eyes you will start to hallucinate. You might hear/see things..." and so remembering this I opened my eyes and there I was not in my room but a dark red room. Chains hanging from the walls! Blood... Blood every where. I guess I looked up because the next thing I new I was looking at 4 dark figures. From the looks of it one female and three males. There came one more figure down some stares with a torch and I could see it was.... My dad! I tried screaming 'DADDY HELP ME!' but I was hit with what felt like a whip! What the fuck?!?! I felt that... I really felt that! I looked and my stomach I had what I wore in bed the last time I check but my white tank-top had spots of blood... my blood. My legs were covered in bruises and more cuts and blood. I cringed at the sight of my own blood. I looked up at my dad standing near the 4 figures and what I saw was the girl was near my dad she had blonde hair beautiful! But she came up to me with another torch to get a closer look and what I saw scared me and made me tense up... Red... Blood red eyes and.................. fangs.


Hey guys warning the next part is kinda naughty so be carful you don't have to read it but it makes a lot of sense if you do. M'kay bye!

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