Lucid Dreamimg

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~WARNING~ expilicet content~ sexual parts and profound language gory and in depth ~WARNING~

Lucid dreaming

Chapter 1

To whom it may concern,

I pray that if you go ahead and try Lucid Dreaming... BE CAREFUL! I tried it and it all went wrong! It was a normal day and everything was going fine and I came home not mad but lonely I have a boyfriend named Jessy and he wasn't in 8th period today so of course I was missing him horribly. By the way my name is Macii Blane Cameron Kay. So when I came home I was reading a book and It was about slaves to vampires and I didnt think anything of it. And I got bored so I was looking through my pictures on my phone and I came upon this picture talking about Lucid Dreaming. So I decided to try it. Little did I know everything would go horribly wrong.

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