How to change her mind

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Tyler's POV

Jesus Mr. Johnston could really talk. Did he not realise that half the class are on their phones or thinking about anything else besides whatever the hell he's taking about. Well that is everyone apart from Jessica Quimbly. I really don't understand why she is listening to this piece of crap and answering every question she gets a chance at. Ugh that girl really irritates me

Thank god that now, class is over its the weekend and I can just hang out with my friend and girlfriend(s). When I arrive at my locker me and Jamie started to talk about this weekend and what we will be doing. I got my books from my locker and was about to head off when Sarah comes up to me

"So what's your plans for the weekend.?" She asked

"Emm I dunno proberly just going to party and stuff,you know me I just do what I want when I want" I answered. She touched my arm and said

"I hope I'm on that list".

She began to walk away to her group of little annoying friends who couldn't give a shit about anyone but themselves. "She is on my nutcase list that's for sure" I muttered to myself. I mean Jesus if she actually thought I would get with her she is soo out of her mind. Once again nutcase.

I looked around to see if I could find any good looking girls. I could see Amy. She was a safe enough chose but I don't want her, I want a challenge. I had another look around to see if I could find any not so safe girls. The first one I see is Jessica but he'll NO. I'll just go with her cute friend Quinn. So I walked towards them and leaned against her locker.

"So Quinn what are your plans for the weekend.?" She blushed and said

" I guess I'll just be at home watching movies with jess"she points to Jessica.

"Really it's going to be that boring. Well I'm going to this great party and I would love for you to come with me" I smiled at her and she went all giggly. Oh yes my beautiful charm.

"I would love to thanks"

"Cool here's my number so call me later k.?". And just like that I turned and began to walk away and heard her running over to her little weirdo friends.

I was heading to the bus stop when Jamie ran over to me.

"Hey man did you hear about the schools little vacation week.?"

"No...oh my god what do you mean 'vacation week'.?" I asked excited

"We'll the schools having a week off in order to try out this new camp thingy" i answered

"Lame no way in hell I'm going" I answered

"But man all the chicks will be going and we are staying in a big house....all together"

"Doesn't sound like such a bad idea"

"Plus the guys have a teammate girl for the week"

"I'm loving this man"

"So are you going" he asked

"Defiantly" I answered

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