Take My Hand Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

            Carson lay on Jo’s bed with her curled safely into his side, dozing now and then, allowing his body to rest. Most of his night was spent watching Jo sleeping peacefully. Never in his life had he met someone as vulnerably strong as this young woman. She didn’t care to let you know when she was scared and why, but she never ceased being understanding and forgiving. She was more amazing than he had words for. He had told her of his past, shown her how violent he could be, and yet she continued to snuggle into his arms to seek comfort and safety. To have the trust of someone so incredibly pure sent tremors through his body, his soul being overcome with awe and gratitude.

            Looking down at her, he could see the bruises and lacerations that still marred her skin yet stole nothing from her beauty. Her eyelashes lay gently against her cheeks, casting shadows on them as the moonlight dipped through the window to lightly grace her body. Her hair lay half covering her face as it had slid over her should while she slept on her side with one hand beneath the cheek that rested atop his arm and one hand lying delicately upon his chest. Her body lay flush with his, and he attempted to move conscientiously enough to keep from waking her as he moved her beautiful, cool curls off of her face to gaze upon the woman he was falling for. Her lips were slightly parted, and her warm breath stirred across his chest in soothing waves. This moment was one that Carson would not soon forget. Come what may when Dania discovered him again, this moment would be forever fixed in his memory.

            Dragging the sheets farther up Jo’s body, he slid from the bed as he felt the encroachment of sunrise invade the intimacy of the moment. She stirred for a moment, her eyes fluttering as her soft, even breathing hitched. He waited for a moment as she settled into a new position and drifted back to slumber. Leaning over her carefully, he kissed her forehead lingeringly before dematerializing to his little cave.

            The smell of the damp earth and night air held a comforting familiarity for Carson as he breathed a silent prayer for Jo’s safety. He huddled into himself, missing her warmth as the sun approached the horizon, kissing the ground in greeting as Carson said his farewells to his beloved night.

            In waking the next night, Carson’s first thought was of Jo, wondering if she would want him to come to her again. Just as he though this, his cell phone blared loudly into the silence of the cave, echoing from the walls and resounding through his sensitive ears. He pulled it out quickly and answered, noting by the caller I.D. that Jo was calling him. Perfect timing.


            “Well, good evening, mister,” Jo said brightly. “Sleep well?”

            “I did indeed,” he replied with a smile at how naturally she remembered his odd lifestyle. “And how has your day been, sweetheart?”

            Carson cringed at the slip of the word, afraid it would be unwanted. It didn’t seem to faze her at all, however, as she answered with a soft sigh, allowing the tiredness to seep into her voice just a bit.

            “It was okay, I supposed. School was the same as usual,” she granted. “I wish I could see you, though.”

            “And who says you can’t?” he asked, a little confused.

            “I am about to leave for work. I have to work at the diner until one,” she told him.

            He figured the time to be about 8 as the sun tended to go down rather early as winter seized the skies. “Jo, that is not late for me,” he answered, a bit bewildered.

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