Chapter 1

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Here's the first chapter of the second book in the Clara Ridgeway series 'Wild Fire' I hope you enjoy this book and the first chapter. If you haven't read the first book 'Child Of Fire' it would be a good idea to read it so this story makes more sense!

Sitting in the waiting room of Beacon Hill's hospital wasn't Stiles' idea, it was actually my idea, to stay and wait for Lydia to wake up. Sitting in dark blue denim jeans, a white shirt with red sleeves saying 'I love you more than pizza' that Stiles bought me the other day, red toms, a black leather jacket and my hair naturally out with a braid in the back, I lean down, resting my elbows on my knees, I peer over to see Stiles sleeping on the other end of the set of chairs, the 'Get Well!' balloon around his wrist, his legs were over the second seat separating us. I sigh waiting for when I'm able to check on Lydia.


Lydia not turning into a werewolf after Peter Hale the former alpha bit her has us all concerned, mostly Allison because she is the closest to Lydia and also her family keep asking questions about her, worried she is turning into a werewolf. Doesn't help that Scott can't be seen with Allison anymore, they have to date in secret, because Mr Argent threaten to kill Scott if he saw him with Allison ever again, of course causing Allison to lose her mind and drive to mine afterwards crying her eyes out. With Allison now knowing about the supernatural we are a lot closer now, I feel better that I don't have to lie to anymore.

Speaking of home, it's been very quiet since my mother died after Peter killed her for being forced to help Kate Argent burn down the Hale House. A lot of the time I'm home alone, because my father is now got a proper job with the FBI and is always away on cases so now I'm either home alone or I have Stiles, Scott or Allison over to keep me company. Since my mother died I haven't really taken it in, it doesn't feel real for me honestly, like I don't get why she is dead, she had so much to live for. But now my father is never home, I feel like an orphan not a child with only one parent. Now I really do know what Stiles' feels like having your mother die and only having your father, but least Mr Stilinski is home and doesn't leave Beacon Hills.

All these thoughts are hurting my head.

I haven't really used my powers for anything; I don't want to use them anymore. Since my mother gave me her pain or strength she called it, I feel way too powerful, like I would lose control and my fire would turn wild and uncontrollable.

"Clara?" I hear someone say from above me and I look up to see Ms McCall entering Lydia's room.

"Oh hello Melissa" I say smiling gently.

"You've been here all weekend yeah?" She asks me, holding Lydia's clipboard.

I nod "She's awake now I guess?"

Melissa nods at me with a gentle smile "She woke up a little while ago, she is about to have a shower, not really liking her father is here to see her but I think she needs to remember he does care" Melissa says and I nod.

"Tell her I said hello, and I'm just outside if she wants to talk to someone" I say smiling and Melissa goes to the door and leaves the clipboard, walking back down the hallway.

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