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《Bestfriends Brother》

Amanda MorrisJanuary 9th, 2018Chino Hills, California

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Amanda Morris
January 9th, 2018
Chino Hills, California


"Thanks again Manda" Zo waved to me as we walked our separate ways. We had just finished furniture shopping  and it was getting late. "See you soon" I waved back. I started my car from a far so it would be warm by the time I got there.

I reached the car in about 2 minutes and popped the trunk. I took Deuce's car seat out the stroller and put in in the car. I made sure it was secure before shutting the door. I place the little bags I had in the trunk as well as the stroller.

I got in the warm car and sat there for a minute. I fixed my mirror and put my seatbelt on. I pulled out the spot and started the 39 minute drive back home.


"Why are all my lights on.." I said to myself when I pulled in my driveway. When I say ALL my lights were on I meant all. I'm talking about kitchen, dining room, living room, and bedroom lights.

"Imma beat Melo ass.. running up my got damn electricity bills" I grabbed the diaper bag out the passenger seat and got out. As I did so, Melo came running out the door.

"Wifey... You're home early" he scratched the back if his neck nervously.  "LaFrance what did I tell you about calling me wifey- more importantly why are all my damn lights on"

I moved to the backseat and he followed me. "Wait- let me get Deuce for you" I looked at him suspiciously but nodded. He did something while I was gone.

"Melo I'm giving you one opportunity to tell me what you did- if not that's your ass" he flinched at the last part. "When did you become my mama" he tried to laugh it off but I didn't find it funny

He sped past me and into the house without shutting the car door. I rolled my eyes and shut the door before popping the trunk and grabbing my bags.

While shutting the trunk, I struggled a bit, but I got it closed. When I got to the door Melo was coming downstairs. He saw me and ran back upstairs. I closed the door behind me and Made my way to the kitchen.

So far nothing was out of place. I was able to put all the stuff I bought away before my next encounter with Melo happened. From the corner of my eye I saw Melo slip out the backdoor with Deuce in his arms.

I watched him from the window and saw a group of guys sitting around my bonfire. That's why he won't give me deuce or tell me what he did. He's not supposed to have people over my house after 5:25pm.

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