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Taurus could feel the weight on her shoulders, like literally cause Aries was standing on them.

" UGH I can't reach!" He groaned.

" Come on man! Try again!" Urged Taurus who was getting irritated, the second they had entered the tunnels they had changed, there's were now millions of different paths so Taurus and Aries and volunteered to go around the palace wall and try and figure out which path to take. The other zodiacs had already gotten the sand and had come to help, yeah it had taken that long for them to think of a plan, so much for hero's.

" It's not my fault I'm short!"

" How have I not strangled you yet?"

Suddenly Aries leaped off my shoulders and clutched the ends of the wall, his fingers looked like the were about to slip but he managed to heave himself up.

" About time, what do you see up there?" Asked Taurus as Aries hid behind a huge bush that had grown all the way to the top of the wall. This was the lowest part of their wall security and the easiest to climb.

" Guards, humans, some humans twerking- just kidding, anyways Umm I see a dog-

" Aries I mean do you see which tunnel we should take!"

" Ohhh, well uh there's a tunnel that leads up to the forest, there's a path carved, wait I think I know which tunnel- ow!" Exclaimed Aries as he fell off the wall and onto the ground.

" Oh my god are you ok?"

" Yeah besides breaking my ass I'm fine," said Aries with a thumbs up.

" Come on let's go."

They made it back to the tunnel system and Aries pointed to the tunnel that would take them through the security system and where there were no guards or at least less guards.

" Are you sure?" Asked Jameson with a worried look.

" Wow, you guys have absolutely no trust in me," said Aries dramatically.

" How could we? Your an idiot no offense," said Melanie who had her arms crossed.

" Gasp! I'm so offended, come on munchkins let's go, hey now I want Dunkin' Donuts," said Aries as he began to walk through the tunnel, the rest of the zodiacs glanced at each other and followed Aries through.

" We gotta be careful though, anyone could be-

" Relax James it'll be fine, your so paranoid," said Pisces putting his elbow on Jameson's shoulder, Jameson pushed Pisces's hand away.

" First of all do not call me James, and second of all never touch me again," said Jameson angrily.

" Someone's mad," muttered Pisces to Aries who sniggered.

" I'm bored, how big this is tunnel system?" Asked Libra.

" Well it's as big as three earths actually," said Remi making Libra's mouth fall open in shock.

" Woah! That's awesome, I've always wondered what if the ocean leads to dimensions cause there's this new theory that the ocean goes down forever and ever and that we're in the middle of two different types of space, the never ending space above and the never ending ocean-

" Oh god."

" Here she goes again," said Sagittarius rolling his eyes at his little sister. Libra was absolutely obsessed with space and stars and the ocean.

" Actually it's true and they've-

" la la la la la la! Libra you just found your new buddy, but like I don't wanna hear this," said Aries putting his fingers in his ears but Libra and Remi continued with their conspiracy theories and space talk for another hour as they all walked while Jason stared on in jealousy along with Gemini.

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