Gelo gave me back Deuce and waited for Melo to speak again. "Denise is almost 2 months pregnant"


"Manda is being a parent hard?" Zo asked me for maybe the thousandth time this week. The thought of being a parent was really messing with him.

"Zo I'm not gonna lie to you, it is. But you gonna have to learn especially with you being in the Nba and all that" he sighed running his hands over his face. "You're also gonna have to learn to make time for him or her"

"You make it look so much easier than it is Manda" I adjusted Deuce on my chest. He was knocked out. "You should get going, and tell your brother that just because I moved it doesn't mean he can stay here everyday"

I've been out the hospital for about a month, and during that month I moved down to chino. The house I moved into was conveniently right next to Chino Hills Highschool.

That meant Melo could stay here 24/7. Zo laughed and waved me off. "Manda he ain't leaving no time soon" I scoffed. Wait till he find out I'm planning on moving to Charlotte in a few years.

"You're What" I jumped from the sound of Melo's voice behind me. "You can't leave me out her with them Man" I didn't even know I said that shit out loud. He came around the couch and got on his knees in front of me.

"At least take me with you.. pleasee" I shook my head at his dramatic actions. "Melo you can always visit" I got up and locked the door since Zo had left.

"Melo go to sleep you got school tomorrow" he followed me to Deuce's nursery. I laid him down in the crib and turned around. When u turned around me and Melo were face to face.

"Don't make me go Man.." he groaned throwing his head back. I rolled my eyes playfully and walked past him. "I'll make you breakfast in the morning" he ran past me and into the guest- his room. "Good Night"


Beep. Beep. Beep.

My alarm went off. It was 5:35 in the morning and I had to make Melo breakfast like I said I would. Today is Tuesday so he has Morning practice at Seven.

I threw on some Biker shorts and a hoodie from my closet. I put on some Carmex and went to check on deuce. To my surprise, he was already awake. "Hi Mommy's baby"

I picked him up and placed many kisses on his face. He smiled at me and I walked out the Nursery. I knocked on Melo's door before opening it. He was still sleep, drool on his face and everything.

I walked closer to him and shook him awake. "16 year old, wake up" he sat up and mugged the hell out of me. "Ay- I'm the one making you breakfast. Don't look at me like that" he sighed but got out of bed. "Good Morning" he yawned, making his way to the bathroom.

"Morning" I walked out of the messy room. I went down to the kitchen, getting Deuce's bouncer seat from the living room. I set it up in the kitchen before I strapped him in it tightly.

"Pancakes Or French Toast!" I yelled upstairs. "French Toast!" I grabbed the bread from behind me, and got every else I needed.


"Thanks Wifey" Melo smiled his usual cheeky smile at me. "Boy I am not ya Wifey" I watched as he stuffed his face with bacon. I checked my watch for the time and it read '6:51'. "Melo you gotta go" He finished up his food and put his plate in the sink.

"I'm leaving now" he kissed me on my forehead, and was out the door before I could say anything. I heard the door lock and sighed. "That boy is gonna be the death of me" I looked down at deuce who was finishing up a bottle.

"We are gonna go shopping with Zo for his baby today" as expected, Deuce didn't say anything.



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