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Just My Imagination

Amanda MorrisDecember 5th, 2017Los Angeles, California

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Amanda Morris
December 5th, 2017
Los Angeles, California


"Happy Birthday Dear Amanda.. Happy Birthday To You" The three Ball brothers sung to me. I blew out my candle after making my wish. "You're 20 now Sis" Zo pulled me into a side hug.

"Yeah.. not as old as you though"  He pushed me to side and I laughed. "Man.." I heard someone whisper from behind me. I turned and saw Melo. He pulled me into a hug. "When you gon' let me take you out man" he whined shaking me back and forth.

Over the past month or so, Melo has most definitely shown off his feelings for me. "Ask me in 4 years LaFrance" he sucked his teeth and let me go. I laughed it off before feeling a wet substance between my legs.

My water Broke.

"Melo.. I think my water just broke.." His eyes widened and I bit my lip. "G! Her water just broke" Gelo and Zo ran in the room. "Melo get the hospital bag out the closet right there and meet us in the car.

G and Zo helped me out to the car as the contractions started to hit. They sat me in the back so I could rest my legs on the seats. The got in and Melo ran to the backseat. Carefully, he moved me legs and placed them onto his lap.

"Go nigga" Zo stepped on the gas and we were on our way.


"Alright Mama one more push and your babyboy will be here" the doctor spoke softly. I was in pain. Melo and Gelo were in the room with me since Zo had another emergency to attend to.

"You got this Manda" Gelo told me, squeezing my hand lightly.  I pushed one more time until cries filled the room. Both me and my baby's.

The nurses cleaned him off before he was placed in my arms. "Mama do we have a name for him yet?" I nodded and wiped a couple tears from my eyes. "Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr."

She nodded and walked out the room. "You know Jt?" Melo whispered watching the newly born child in my arms. "I knew Jayson" I looked at him and spoke again. "Wanna hold him?" Melo hesitated but said yes.

He sat on the edge of the hospital bed and I placed Jayson in his arms. "Hey Deuce" Melo said to the sleeping baby in his arms. He leaned down closer and whispered something I couldn't here. After a couple minutes he handed him over to Gelo and laid next to me.

"Deuce?" I questioned turning to him. "It fits him" he shrugged taking out his phone. I heard him gasp. "Yoo- y'all not gonna believe this" this gained both me and Gelo's attention.

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