Break Part1

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I instantly feel my hands shaking as they both left.What the hell just happened?I can't go to school now!especially now Jack and Matt aren't talking to me.

I finally walk inside my house,it feels so empty.I hate being on my own,I just wanted someone to be there for me and tell me everything is going to be alright.I guess that can't happen,ugh I really don't want to go back to school.

Luckily,it was a Friday afternoon and I have no intentions of going.I have the whole weekend to myself but maybe I could get someone to come over and make me feel better?Hayes would be disappointed in me and I don't want to go there.

Suddenly there's a knock at the door,I walk towards the door trying not to act upset and to my surprise it's Cameron.

"How did you-"I ask being cut off.
"Nash said you lived next door,I heard about the Matt thing.He literally told most of the guys"Cameron says looking at me.
"Oh,that's not surprising"I say,my voice is breaking at this point.
"School was cancelled today,teachers training thing"Cameron says.
"Oh good"I say slightly relived.
"Wanna come in?"I ask.
"Sure"Cameron says.
"So what did he tell you guys?"I ask being calm as possible.
"He said that you and Gilinsky had gone on a road trip together,you didn't tell him"Cameron explains.

I suddenly feel a rush of calmness,he hasn't told anyone about my night with Gilinsky...

"Oh"I reply.
"Listen,don't worry about Matt.The guys thought he was over reacting since you guys weren't actually a thing"Cameron said,smiling.
"That's good to hear"I say smiling also.
"So I was thinking,you need someone to comfort you right?"Cam asks.
"Yeah I guess"I reply.
"Would you want me to hang out for a few hours,take your mind off things?"Cameron asks again.
"That would be nice"I reply.
"Where is your parents?"cameron asks.
"They're on a business trip until Tuesday"I reply.
Cameron nods his head.
"So wanna watch movies?"I ask.
"Sure"Cameron replies.
"Ok well I have Netflix and a movie collection.I'll get the popcorn ready"I say enthusiastically.
"Ok"Cam chuckles.

I run upstairs quickly to grab some blankets.I throw them in the couch.
"Sort them out please Cam"I ask.
I then walk out into the kitchen to pop the popcorn.I wait 2minutes,grab some chips and sit down with Cameron.

"Okay so I was thinking we could watch clueless on Netflix?"I ask.
"Sure"Cameron replies.

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