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Country music is a style and genre of American popular music that incorporates elements of folk, bluegrass, blues, and cowboy music of the West. It developed in the southeastern states of the USA and was played on instruments like acoustic guitar, mandolin, autoharp, fiddle and the banjo. It usually vocalized, generally simple in form and harmony, and typified by romantic or melancholy ballads. Country music has a rich and unique history that sets it apart from other music genres. Country or Western music is one of the biggest and widest genres in American music. Like many other genres, it has been influenced over the course of its existence by other genres. This genre is so popular because it is one of the simplest styles to produce and listen to due to it's fundamental aspect of lyrical content over the musical content.

For all its qualities, country music was a broad musical tradition. As it became more popular, it grew to include other regional genres, including western swing, honky tonk, country boogie, and rockabilly. It is widely believed that Country music as a genre has undergone several generations of evolution. Not only are certain songs transmitted from generation to generation, but the manner of performing them, both vocally and instrumentally, is also passed on through the years. Country music also highlights the way of life of a particular community. The music has also helped to build the careers of different people over the years from the first generation in 1920 until the current sixth generation. Its history shows that most lyrics of the genre are about the everyday lives of normal people, focuses on the themes of love, loneliness and work.

Since 2000, country music has reflected the politically-divided state of the USA as a whole. Two main camps emerged, one reflecting more conservative values and the other reflecting more progressive liberal values. Country Music is a song that tells a great story either about an event or the singer themselves. It is heartfelt music that comes in many different shades from the traditional to the highly commercial. Despite the simple impression, this genre can give there is some considerable virtuosity in the performance of many banjo players, fiddle players, and guitarists that should not be overlooked. Like some others, country music is easily identified by the sound, it has a very important part of music history and the instruments are one of the things that make it different from other genres. The story within a country song is often inspiring and evokes certain emotions in the listener as many people find it easy to relate to such experiences.

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