Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

During the weekend, Lyla couldn't help but smile. She actually did it with Landon after the ceremony and it was amazing. And she didn't even regret it because Landon was respectful to her and it meant everything to the both of them to be together. And now their mate bond had been successfully created, making it a whole lot easier for Lyla to learn mind link.

All day yesterday Landon had been trying to teach Lyla the basics of mind link. It was hard and Landon clearly said that he didn't understand why it was. Mind link was an innate behaviour for werewolves and Lyla's wolf would have known how to mind link as soon as she was born. But clearly she refused to learn it.

It wasn't that Lyla didn't understand the basics of mind link, she did, it was just that it was hard. She had to clear her own mind and she also had to focus on Landon's mind and thoughts at the same time. She was a woman and she was supposed to be able to multitask, she knew that, but that didn't make it any easier.

And learning mind link had taken it out of Lyla that much that she didn't even want to go to her new school today. But she had to. But she didn't want to. Landon had tried getting her out of bed nicely but now it was time for a little force because Landon had worked his butt off to get Lyla into this school and she wasn't going to waste the opportunity. Not today.

Landon made his way up to the room and he pulled Lyla out of bed. She groaned as he did but she didn't put up too much of a fight. That was good for Landon but it didn't matter. Even if Lyla did put up a fight, it would be nothing for Landon because he could just use his werewolf strength to get her out of her own bed. So either way, pulling her own of bed wasn't going to be a problem for a werewolf.

Landon then took Lyla's hand and led her down to the kitchen where he had breakfast waiting for her on the table. Lyla smiled when she saw the food and it was nice of Landon to cook her breakfast on her first day of school. Technically, it wasn't her first day of school but it was her first day at a new school so it could be called her first day at school.

Lyla shook her head. This was too much to think about this morning, especially because she had a new school to go to and she had to worry about fitting in. So this was too much to think about this morning and Lyla hated being so worried. Maybe it would be easier if she was going to a normal school. But this was a werewolf school and this was a scary school so Lyla had every right to be nervous. And maybe she was too nervous to eat breakfast this morning.

"I think we should have one more go at mind link this morning," said Landon, clearly oblivious to Lyla's first day nerves.

"I am tired of mind link, Landon," said Lyla.

"Hey, we created our mate bond for the reason of mind link. You need to learn it."

"Is that all the other night meant to you?"

"No, of course not. But you need to learn mind link as soon as possible so why don't we have another go."

"Alright, okay. I'll try."

"Good. Now, finish your breakfast, get dressed and then we can have a go."


With that, Lyla had her breakfast and then she went to the room to get dressed. She felt strange trying to pick something to wear this morning. She had to wear a uniform to her old school but Wolfsbane Academy didn't have a uniform. This was strange and Lyla found herself wondering why there wasn't a uniform. But that would have to be asked when she was dressed because she needed to hurry up.

Lyla decided to just wear leggings and her favourite horse t-shirt because she didn't want to stand out. If she could blend into the crowd today, that would be a dream so hopefully Lyla's choice of wardrobe would help her do that. And when she was dressed, she did her hair and whatever else she needed to do in the morning before she headed down stairs for one more lesson of mind link.

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