Louis smiled,"Caitlyn we've got something planned for you."

"What is it?How should I dress."

"It's a surprise wear something casually nice."

"Ok!"I jumped up and went to my room carrying all my stuff I got for Christmas.I smiled as I placed the gifts down.They all gave me thoughtful gifts.I looked at the ring Harry got me.It was adorable.It made me smile.I danced around my room realizing how happy I actually was.I curled my hair.I was wearing a red poka dot shirt,some white skinny jeans,red flats and little makeup.I went back downstairs to the boys dressed,eating breakfast.

Louis said,"Ready to go."

"Yeah."I grabbed my phone and a granola bar,off we go."

We were driving in the car Liam going over possible times we can see each other and the for sure times.We finally arrived."Where are we?"I questioned.

Niall screamed,"The Zoo!"

"Isn't the zoo closed on Christmas?"

"Yes,But we pulled a few strings and Tada."

I smiled,"Perfect. I grabbed Harry's hand and said,"Let's go see the giraffes."

Liam yelled,"Slow down Cat."

"Fine,"I laughed.

After the we saw the giraffes,zebras,hedgehogs,bears,elephants and monkeys we played hide and seek.Zayn had to fined all the rest of us.Harry grabbed my hand as we ran through the zoo,not having much time to hide.We go into the cold exhibits.I squeal,"Oh my gosh penguins!"

"Babe,you like penguins?"

"More like Love!"

He laughed,we sat backs to one of the tanks looking at the penguins.My head leaning in Harry's chest his hand wrapped in mine.


"Run Harry."He squeezed my hand as we got up and started running."Crap who places a dead end in a freaking zoo.What idots."He tried not to laugh.I kinda went a little crazy and just grabbed him and started kissing the crap out of him.I pulled back for a second to say,"Before they fine us I wanted to keep your mind off the tragedy ahead."He wiggle his eyebrows in confusion but continued to kiss me.As the other boys got closer I pulled away and whispered,"Theres nothing wrong I just needed an excuse to kiss you."

He smiled,"You can kiss me anytime you want.You don't even need a reason.Just be like I breathed time to his my boyfriend."

I smirked,"Well it seems I just breathed."I smashed my lips into his.He smiled.

"Eww get a room you two,"Louis said.

Liam said,"If you guys get a room I'm gonna have to kill you Mr.Styles."

I made a fake shocked face,"Daddy direction would kill one of his sons because he had a little too much fun."I laughed as Liam looked at me strange. All the other boys laughed,I pulled on Harry's hand,"Let's go look at the other animals."We all walked out laughing as we walked past the giraffes.An idea came to my head."We have to ride them."

Liam yells,"Cat your crazy."

"I know."I smile and skip towards the giraffes.Louis runs in with me.We grab a ladder that just so happened to be right there.We jump on ones back.Surprisingly he didn't even seem to notice.I smile and laugh as I could see the boys taking pictures of us.

Louis whispers in my ear almost startling me,"What should we name it?"

"Jerry the giraffe."I'm smiling like an idiot.Louis gives me a high five.

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