Pants Around Your Ankles (boyxboy One-Shots)

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Yeah sexy one-shots! Wow! Ok so this is my first time I do a whole sex scene. I've only written a blow job in one of my stories, but I'm pretty sure I can write a pretty solid one-shot.


Ok so I will take request so send me one anytime! Put as much detail in the request as you want because I want to make it exactly how you want it. Like if you want one of the characters in your request to top or bottom tell me and I'll write it.

I'm comfortable with most things like, you know, twincest, insect, rape, and all that. I'll write anything except fanfic (unless I know a lot of what the fanfic request is about and characters then I'll do it) and for now I will not do threesomes. I'm new to this and I think I would totally suck at a threesome right now, but I'll let you know when I'm ready to write one. Also I'm not going to write kinky stuff just yet.

I'll upload a one-shot soon, but if you want to send a request now that would be cool. I'll try writing request as good and fast as I can.

Also if I write your request I will dedicate it to you.

That's all. If you want to know more PM me.

PS: Every One-Shot will be unedited unless I say other wise so please don't complain about anything that I messed up. I'll fix all my mistakes some day. Most of the time I'll put unedited before he One-Shot begins, but I might forget so if I doesn't say anything about the editing it means it isn't edited.

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