Part 1

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One afternoon, Mulan came home and found her husband knee-deep in their sliding-door closet. Upon closer examination, Mulan found that Sheng had been digging up her old uniform, from the time she was disguising as a man. Her torn and sweat-stained robes were firmly plastered to Sheng's nose, and he was sniffing them before finally noticing Mulan by the door. The tall muscular man froze like a deer in a headlight.

"Sheng, what are you doing?" Mulan prompted after seconds passed and Sheng did nothing else except stare at her, the lower half of his face still covered in cloth, his eyes wide in horror.

"I was... uh... just checking whether these needed washing. Yes, that's right," was Sheng's muffled reply when he finally found his tongue, nodding his head emphatically as if he was quite convinced by his own lie. "I was about to do some laundry, you see..."

"You've never washed a piece of handkerchief in your life, Sheng, let alone my clothes. What are you really doing?" said Mulan, her sharp tilted eyes narrowing. It was a sure sign that if Sheng didn't give his wife what she wanted, hell was going to descend over their house soon.

He sighed in defeat and brought Mulan's clothes from his face. "I just... lately I've found myself wondering... what if you were really a man?"

That made Mulan's eyes narrow even more. "What do you mean?" she asked. Sheng gulped and didn't answer. "Sheng..." Mulan drew out Sheng's name and somehow made it sound like a warning. "Tell me."

"I-I-I've never told you before... it's not really important, you know? Really, i-i-it doesn't mean anything! You see-back when I still didn't know you were actually a woman... I have... I've already... I've begun liking... you. You as... as P-Ping."

Although that revelation made Mulan's eyes widen, it did not make Sheng feel better. "You what?"

Sheng began sweating bullets. "Th-that's weird, isn't it?" he said, then let out a nervous laugh. "I shouldn't have said anything..."

Mulan's head tilted up slowly, then went down again. Soon, she was nodding. "Yes," she whispered. "That really is weird."

That made Sheng's danger-gauges hit critical levels. "Mu-Mulan, m-my love-my dearest, that means nothing! It was simply my subconscious, you know? Even when I didn't know yet you were a woman, my inner self-my spirit self!-knew from the start, you know what I'm saying? So it-"

"Sheng?" Mulan said, effectively cutting off her husband. "Be quiet." When Sheng clamped his mouth shut, Mulan continued, "I only said it was weird because... well, in the shower this morning, I found myself wondering the exact same thing. What if I'd really been a man and we somehow still ended up together? I got carried away fantasizing about that while I was soaping myself... and afterwards I simply could not calm down... so..."

It took a while before that information sank into Sheng's muddled mind, and still a while more before he understood its full import. "So?" was all he managed to say.

"So I went out and got this..." A little embarrassed now, Mulan produced the parcel she'd been keeping out of Sheng's sight before. "I honestly didn't know why I felt the need to buy this. It's not like I had a real idea about what to do with it. So I found it weird that you're expressing such thoughts now. Seems like we might find a use for this after all."

With that, Mulan finally revealed what was inside the paper wrappings. Upon seeing the picture in the box, Sheng lost what color he had on his face.

"Is... is that...?"

Abashed, Mulan bit her lower lip and nodded. "It's a strap-on, dear," she said helpfully, looking at Sheng with shining, puppy eyes. Sheng's skin became taut and waxy. He dared not move a muscle for fear of ending up crumpled on the floor. Seeing this, Mulan pouted. "Don't you want to try it?"

Sheng bade his jaws and tongue to work. "If... if I said no...?"

Mulan sighed, seemingly regretful. "Then you wouldn't get to experience the second part of what I had in mind. You see, I was thinking that if you let me ram your ass with my 'cock,' it should only be fair to return the favor and let you ram mine... I thought you would like that-we've never tried it before..."

Sheng hissed out a breath. He could recognize a dilemma when he saw one. On the one hand, he really, truly, undeniably wanted his cock up where it's never been before. Mulan's pussy was tight and he loved it there, but he just knew that the tightness up her ass would be a treat no sane man should pass up. On the other hand, though... the payment for this opportunity might just be too high for him to manage. The strap-on cock that Mulan bought looked so monstrous-would he really be able to take that up his hole?

"Would..." Sheng began after a while. "Would you let me think about it for a bit?" he asked, not really knowing which response he wanted to hear from his wife.

Mulan's face immediately broke into a wide smile, making Sheng's heart skip a beat, both out of nervousness, and out of a deep attraction he could never help but feel for the love of his life.

"Of course, dear. You take your time."

After giving Sheng a look that said she could already see which direction this event would go, Mulan turned around and walked away, swinging her pert ass so provocatively that Sheng's cock stood at attention at once. He looked up at the ceiling and begged his ancestors for mercy.

It was not for nothing that Sheng became a decorated General at a young age. Before deciding if he should engage this new front, he would need all the information he could find. First of all, he needed to find out if it would hurt. If so-how much? And was there any way at all he could cut out the pain and leave only pleasure in the experience? Like any good general would, Sheng headed straight to the Oracle-otherwise known as the Internet-to seek the answers.

After hours spent asking the Oracle his initial inquiries and every follow-up question he could think of, Sheng found himself less and less nervous and more... titillated. The Oracle had shown him image after countless image of men-some of them as manly-looking as himself-who looked for all the world like there was nothing they enjoyed more than the presence of another man's rock-hard penis deep inside their buttholes. Some of the images were moving and even had sounds, so Sheng knew for a fact that they're finding the feeling immensely pleasurable.

Spend a good long while preparing the hole... that was the key. As long as they lubricated and stretched it properly, it would all be fine. Preparation was all they'd need to turn what would otherwise be a torturous experience into one... filled with ecstasy. Those, and a working knowledge of where the prostate gland could be found.

Having covered all of that, Sheng turned his attention to the fine distinctions if the same activity was to be done to a female butthole. Surprisingly, it wasn't all that different. Armed with his newfound knowledge of anal sex, General Sheng started working on his battle plan. After all, just because he was agreeing to do it, it doesn't mean he had to go first.

While Sheng had been doing his in-depth research, Mulan busied herself by preparing what she and her husband would both need. According to her own research earlier, their fingers, tongue, and saliva would more than suffice for some of the activities she had in mind. For the rest, however, they would need heavy-duty lubricants, butt plugs, condoms, and painkillers.

Sheng planned what he was going to say, which basically ran: "Let's do this, but first, listen to why I think you should go first..." He never got a word out, however, because Mulan beat him to the punch by announcing that she was going first, followed by a nasty piece of reasoning.

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