Its All Because Of Them

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A boy who looked about 18 stood in front of a girl who looked the same age “how did you find this place” she asked. “I looked up a few things…. But I am not here to insult you or blackmail you I just want a small favor” the girl raised an eye brow before smiling “oh... and what favor may that be” he took a deep breath “I want you to kill me” she looked at him shocked. “Why” he closed his eyes “I have nothing left my life isn’t worth living any more please it’s all I want. I have tried myself but someone always interrupts and I know that you are one of the most fastest killers this is my last wish” the girls eyes softened clear blue eyes stared into his a understanding passed between them. Water wrapped around his legs holding him to the floor “are you sure about this” the boy nodded. she smiled sadly “I will try to make it as painless as possible” “It will be the most painless thing I will feel in the past 2 years”  she nodded he felt a tiny pinch of pain as if someone was jabbing a needle into him but it vanish as quick as it came. His vision was blurring the world started going black, he felt his body fall “you were a great hero… Percy Jackson” was the last thing he heard before darkness consumed him.

10 years later

A girl ran down the hall have to warn them was all she thought as she ran faster after making a few turns  she came across 2 huge brown double wooden doors she skidded to a stop and walked in without a second thought and stopped. in front of her was a long wooden table six chairs on each side each chair had was occupied with leaders all of their eyes turned to her “what is going on none is allowed in unless summoned” one of them yelled in anger she flinched. “I have news about Camp half-blood” that got their attention “and what is the news” she looked at him with panicked filled eyes “they found out about us and are coming here I need to talk to Luna” their bodies stiffened. “she is in her room with her husband” the girl paled no one I repeat no one was allowed in her room unless allowed the last person who entered was turned to dust the second his foot landed in the room  Luna and her husband Kyle made it clear none enters without permission. “You must tell her so I suggest going to her before it’s too late,” one of them told her. She gulped but nodded, turned and walked out.

 Going down a few familiar hallways she finally came up on a light blue door she hesitated before finally gathering courage and knocking softly on the door 3 times she waited 5 minutes passed but she knew that if she knocked again her hand would be taken off. Just then the door swung open reveling a man who looked around 20 his hair was a light brown his eyes a dark brown he looked like a pro wrestler and a football captain in one person. He was wearing a light blue shirt brown pants and black tennis. “what” his voice sent shivers up her spin “I have news about camp half-blood” before she could blink she was inside the door was shut and locked Kyle and Luna stood in front of her the girl’s back was up against the door Kyle was glaring while Luna was looking at her with interest. “What about camp half-blood” Luna asked. Concern in her voice the girl wasn’t sure what to say after a few seconds Luna spoke again “Layla what is wrong with camp half-blood”  finally the girl-Layla found her voice “they found us and know that Percy Jackson was last seen walking in here” Luna rolled her eyes “now they care” she mumbled “how long” “this afternoon.. I Just found out I swear” Kyle shared a look with Luna “well it’s about time we tell them don’t you think” she nodded.

That afternoon

 Annabeth and the rest of the camp counselors walked into the throne room they knew this was Percy was last maybe they would find out where he is. A woman sat on the throne in front of them she had curly brown hair that went down past her shoulders and light blue eyes she had on a brown t-shirt blue jeans and black tennis. Next to her was a man with light brown hair and dark brown eyes he was wearing a light blue shirt brown pants and black tennis. “I understand you are looking for information on Percy,” the woman asked. “yes do you know what happened to him” Annabeth asked hopefully “yes I do you are right by the way he did come here but not for help” Thalia steeped up “what do you mean.” the girl looked at all of them sadness in her eyes these were the same people who betrayed him the same people he trusted yet they turned their backs and acted as if he never existed. These were the people who drove him into madness the same people who he held closely to his heart the same people that got hurt but had him save them had him to help they had him to comfort and help them for their stupid needs and in the end he ended up getting hurt yet none came to save him.. No one came to help no one returned his kindness finally Luna answered, “He is dead and you are the ones that killed him.”

It was true Luna killed him physically but mentally and emotionally they killed him.

Annabeth cheated and said she was just using him for fame and he was nothing to her just a toy she could play with.

Thalia blamed him for all the deaths and said she could never be friends with a stupid boy.

Travis and Connor played jokes and stole his clothes while he was in the shower causing him to have nothing to wear and he could not go anywhere.

Grover blamed him for Pan.

Clarisse just hated him.

Katie started believing that he was playing jokes on his cabin so she tangled him in weeds almost suffocating him.

Will said he was a terrible archer and banned him from the archery range saying he was the most horrible archer he has ever met causing him to be embarrassed and laughed at for weeks.

Nico was hardly there.

Jake Mason was in a way a friend but the rest of the Hephaestus cabin blamed him for Charlie and kept saying that Charlie should have lived and he die.

Drew sent rumors about him because he Wouldn’t date  her.

true Luna had killed him but because he asked. He pleaded that was his last wish and she granted it not wanting cause him anymore pain that he has been through.

this is just a one shot of what might happen if Percy doesn't join anyone

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