Vault Tec

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A few days had passed since the the arrival of the pods. Dooku had placed the pod on his ship, and was holding a meeting of his commanders, Trench, and a few admirals, and Ventress were there in person, while a few were here through hologram, including Grievous. They were interested in what could be next.

The first "gift" if you can call it that was a bottle of carbonated fluid. Dooku opened the cap and sniffed it, it smelled sweet, before he had a few glasses brought out. He poured the glasses with ice in the empty glasses. Sliding them out to the gathered officers, they all looked at the fizzing liquid.

Palpatine with the senators were gathered again, and they each had a glass of Nuka Cola. They all raised the glasses, not sure what to expect.

Satine held the bottle, condensation rolling down the body of the bottle, and into her hand. The cool contents was fizzing from the small opening.

The Jedi gathered, Made up of Mace Windu, Anakin, Obi-wan, Ahsoka, Kit Fisto, and Aayla were in the room while a few were watching from communication stations on ships. Mace had set the bottle down, and had a few small cups from the cafeteria. Pouring the liquid in the cups, Fisto, Aayla, Ahsoka and Anakin held the glasses.

The Man in the suit appeared to Dooku and his group, holding a holographic glass, as he leaned on his golf club that he held like a cane.

"You lot must be joyous, to be some of the first to taste of the most popular drink in the wastes. Be happy." He said, lifting his glass up.

Everyone drank the Nuka cola, and many found the taste rather appealing, calming, very sweet and bubbled just enough it was nice. To a few the caffeine was rather surprising, filling them with Energy. Ahsoka's face, turned red as if it was even possible. She left the room, holding her shirt a bit. That would be sorted out later.

"Now, let's get to the next log, the beginning, as all stories do, at least the decent ones, it starts with a hole in the ground" the Jedi Hologram said.

This Presentation is Presented By Vault-Tec. Here's what you need to know when leaving the vault. Be sure to Remember these basic rules. Rule #1, line up in an orderly fashion. Rue #2, Use protective eyewear. Years of living in a vault makes your eyes sensitive to natural light without protective eyewear, extreme eye damage could be a result. Once outside the vault, be prepared to live life anew, with help of the Garden of Eden Creation Kit, Or G.E.C.K. Use the G.E.C.K to create the new world you've been waiting for (Results may vary)

*A commercial was playing, showing planet with " A Vault Tec Presentation" around it. A happy little tune played, and words popped up showing the rules that were being discussed. When the idea of eye damage was discussed, it showed an extreme example, or holes where the eyes were being shown on a cartoon character. When the G.E.C.K was shown, it was a suitcase, then cut to an image of a house*

The senators laughed at the silliness of the video, finding it rather exaggerated. "They know how to entertain at least" Orn Free Taa said.

Kit Fisto and Plo koon laughed at the silly video, it was a small chuckle. They both got side glances from Mace Windu.

On October 23rd 2077, the nightmares became all too real when the great war commenced. Blinding light filled the sky and people ducked and covered as they were taught, cowering under whatever they could, hoping if they kept their eyes closed, and kept still, the merciless flames would pass over them. They hid underneath their desks at school, under cars on the street, and behind desks at work.

*A mushroom cloud stated to rise in the distance. Cuts to a scientist under a desk, then children under a the desks.*

Their smiles faded, as they watched, seeing the destruction, took the humor of the start away.  It was a truth they was used in told to planets in danger of being hit.

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