Chapter One: The First Day

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Chapter One: The First Day

I was trembling, I noticed as I sat on my sister’s car. Today was my first day at my first job after high school graduation seven months ago and to say that I wasn’t nervous would be a lie. That was probably what possessed me to call my hyperactive sister to drive me to my new office. Really, she was even more excited that I am.

“This is so exciting, isn’t it?” She smiled, her blue eyes concentrated on the road. I shrugged and pushed my glasses up before I pushed the brown locks out of my face. “Really, nothing gets you thrilled.”

I decided to be quiet and stare at the city that I would have to commit to memory. I have lived in London for almost the rest of my nineteen years and I finished my high school there but after receiving a call last month from a prestigious company for a job, I immediately organized my transfer here. Well, it was because it was a request from a friend of mine.

The company was a modeling agency, actually. But from what I heard, they started a department for photographers, so it kind of became a photographer agency as well. Well, it doesn’t really matter to me.

Of course, my sister was pretty much delighted when I flew all the way from another continent to here, Portland. And so, I have been living with her and her husband for the past month but with me finally having a job, I’m thinking of renting an apartment near the office.

“So, how was London?” She asked finally deviating from the subject of my job.

I blinked my brown eyes and shrugged, “Still pretty much the same. You know, the same streets and everything.” I replied nonchalantly.

She smiled, “Ah, same boyfriend?”

I glared at her but decided not to reply. I broke up with my second boyfriend a month before graduation. We had been together since the start of senior high and had known each other since junior high. We had our time but things were just really falling apart, especially with us competing over jobs and everything, nothing was going great. I wasn’t going to lie though; I still can't move on from him. Maybe thing will change for the better, here in Portland.

The car stopped and I looked up. We had parked and my sister gave me an encouraging smile, “The first days always nerve wracking but don’t let that get to you."

I nodded and smiled, “Yeah.”

I exited the car and fixed my messenger bag before I started for the office. This was it: the new stage of my life.

Walking towards the office of my supposedly department head, my strides were confident and composed. My trembling hands were clenching on my bag tightly to hide my nervousness as the sounds that my black converse was making echoed through the almost empty halls.

I must say, the building was gorgeous. I have been in many places and still this structure amazes me. The walls were colored black, the windows were mostly large glass ones, and lobby was just breathtaking. If my eyes weren’t fooled, I could have sworn the company logo on the reception was made of gold. The person who owns this company must be incredibly rich if he could afford to spend on such expensive things.

I paused as I reached the door of my boss. I looked down and inspected myself. I wore a white summer dress topped by a black jeans bolero and a black and white knitted scarf. My camera hang on my neck safely on its container. I smiled and fixed my brown hair that was divided into two French braids. This was presentably enough, right?

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