2: The Kissing Booth

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Chapter 2

We decided that we'd have a two dollar fee. Two dollars for a kiss. Whatever booth we'd decided on doing, the basic stand was already there for us to use at the school, but we'd need a lot of pink and red. I thought we should have black, since I said it might be sexier, but Lee told me patronizingly, "It's not Halloween, Shelly."

     "Fine. We'll stick to pink and red."

     "What are we going to need then? Streamers, crepe paper, ribbon... That kind of thing, right?"

     "Yeah, I guess. Hey, do you think we'd be able to make a big banner in woodshop?" I didn't want to take woodshop, but it was either that or Home Ec., and after my cupcake disaster of eighth grade, I've tried to stay away from baking. But maybe it'd come in handy.

     "I don't see why not. Mr. Preston probably won't have a problem with it."

     I nodded. "Cool. We could probably get some of the jocks in on it, and I bet the cheerleaders won't have a problem either. We need four, and they can all go in shifts of two."

     Lee nodded. "Sounds okay. Who should we ask though?"

     "Well... Samantha and Lily will definitely do it," I said thoughtfully. "And... we could ask Olivia, maybe? She can ask around the others."

     "Yeah. I don't know if Olivia will do it, though."

     "So? She can ask around for us."

     "I guess. I bet Harry and Dave will be up for it too. Maybe Jason?"

     I nodded. "We'll get Dave to ask around and find someone else."

     "I'll call him and ask then."

     "Cool. I'll get the girls." I pulled out my cell phone, scrolling through for their numbers. Lee and I didn't belong to a particular clique, per se; we just hung out with whoever we wanted, which meant we had pretty much everybody's numbers. Lee was one of those charismatic and likeable people, and we came as a package deal. We did have a few really close friends, of course – all of them guys.

     I got hold of Samantha, who chirpily told me that sure, she was totally up for it! Lily agreed as well, saying she could like, just not wait for it.

     Harry wasn't going to do it, he said, but Jason and Dave were fine with it. Dave would call around and find us two other guys. I got hold of Olivia eventually, who sighed before telling me she'd text some of the girls she thought would do it and ask them.

     "Done," I sighed, flopping back on the bed. I felt the bed bounce as Lee followed my actions, and we grinned at each other.

     "Our booth is going to kill."

     "I know. We are scary good sometimes."

     "I know."

     My phone beeped, and I saw a text from Olivia telling me that Dana and Karen would do the kissing booth for us, so I replied a brief thank you.

     "The girls are all sorted," I said.

     "Great. Dave will fix up the guys for us fine, so it's all done."

     "Which means... we have nothing to do now." I grinned. "So you can come shopping with me."

     Lee groaned. "Why do you need to go shopping? Don't you have enough clothes?"

     "Yes, I do... But you're having a party tonight and I'm in a good mood since we've sorted out this booth at last. So we're going shopping to buy me something to wear tonight."

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