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my first day in a new town an im the alpha to be's mate?? great?

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hi guys this is my very first book so hopefully its ok an maybe i will get a sequel out of it so here it goes plz comment vote and become a fan an you can give me good ideas for new books and i will do the same in return so thanks here we go


Character list

Rosalinda - new girl, Romanian, abused

Sam- jock, lived in his hometown all his life, secret he can't tell

Demi- Sam's friend, little sister

KILLER- rosalinda's rottweiler

Ross- Rosalinda's ex- boyfriend

Jenna-Rosalinda's best friend

hers a short character list I will you keep you up dated for more soz guys if you are confused i changed Logan to Sam cos the name fitted him better and Hayley my friend you are my friend Jenna OK just so u are clear with that


Rosalinda's (pov)

I felt cold air on my neck. I woke with a start.

"URGE, KILLER I TOLD YOU TO STAY DOWN STAIRS, YOU UGLY MUTT!" She cried. Killer stared at her with his big dopey grey eyes. Ow god was he ever going to lighten up with his beating's. She looked in her mirror to see she had a small gash above her eye, which was outlined by a purple bruise. That's going to be hard to cover she thought.

"ROSALINDA, get your arse down here now!" She heard her dad scream from the kitchen. She  didn't want to let him see the marks Ross left again. She unwillingly made her way down to the kitchen. She walked in to see her mum and dad talking about something it looked important her dad was the first to notice her.

"Rose..."Her farther looked at her and trailed off mid sentence. "Rose what the hell happened to your face?" She looked away from him not wanting to get in trouble. "Nothing!" She said turning to look at him.

"Rosalinda, you tell me what he did to you before I beat it out of him!" He roared "I'm going to kill the little weasel!" Her dad like many other people hated to use cursing while they were angry. He said and I quote "Cursing while angry shows weakness" It didn't stop me doing it though.

"He was angry at me and he lashed out a total misunderstanding" I told him earnestly. Was my day going to get any better.

"Misunderstanding my bum hole, he's dead next time I see him," He continued " look at your beautiful face, you aren't going to see him ever again do you hear me" She looked at him and smiled.

"It doesn't matter anyway dad, from today on were finished, I'm going to get ready for school be down in five" I dashed off to get ready. Yes if finally she can get that one thing out of the way next week I'm going to run away anyway. She showered and dressed quickly and raced back down stairs just in time to catch the doorbell.

"Rosalinda, one more thing?" Her dad called.

"What?" She called back. Wondering what he was getting at she walked back into the kitchen.

"Were moving to another town about three hours out from here, called Eagle Skull, don't tell him where your going!" She couldn't believe her luck maybe she didn't have to run away any more.

"Thank you, your the best ever!" She turned on her heal and ran for the door before she closed it she heard her mother say "That went down well didn't it?" She laughed.

"What are you laughing at?" Her best friend Jenna asked.

"Nothing, I'm just moving away from this town and my from today ex- boyfriend!" I laughed.

"Good for you were are you moving?" She asked.

"Er-mm, some town called Eagle Skull. Why?" I looked at Jenna confused. Jenna squealed "Because" She said " I'm moving somewhere about an hour away from there!"

"Really, your kidding me" I gasped.

"Nu-uh really dad said it was because are garden is to small for the twins." Jenna has two bull mastiffs we call the twins because you can't tell them apart. The rest of the drive was quiet. We arrived at school only to be meet by the door at you have to guess.

"Ross, move away from the door I'm going to be late." I was getting frustrated with him just being there.

"Aw come on babe, what didn't I do wrong this time?" He looked at me as of to say it was your fault.

"Don't you dare blame it on me!" I screamed student's turned round to stare at us.

"Don't cause a scene Rose!" I could fell my anger building

"I'm not the one who beat's there girlfriend because she wouldn't let you have your fun with her," I screamed people were gasping when I said it Ross just looked pissed I laughed to myself

"Guess what I'm sick of coming home to my dad and lying to his face for you while he's crying!"

"Whats that suppose to mean?" He said looking confused.

"It mean's Ross were over capish, lucky you I'm moving anyway!" Dame I can't believe I let that slip.

"Your what?" He looked shocked.

I laughed "I'm moving get over it buddy." He looked at me appalled.

"I bet if you wasn't moving you wouldn't be saying that" I was still laughing an to his face that was a bad thing to do.

"No, I would still be doing this just to see what my dad does when he finds out," I started to walk off turning round and said,

"Oh don't worry he already know's wait for your surprise." I starked off leaving him there in shock. His buddies nudging him asking if it was true he just continued to stare at me. Could this day get any worse.


Thanks guys i know it was short i will make it longer hope you enjoy and comment if you want me to write more xxgoldengoose226xx

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