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* * *

Hikari's POV

   Pakkun mentioned something about how he smelled two people stopped, probably ready to fight. "It would be a good idea to go around it," He said. It was strange, I woke up to find Sakura with a talking dog.

   "But it would be lovely to take a leisurely stroll through a heated battle!" I objected sarcastically.

   Pakkun sighed, and we trudged on, going around the fight. Once Pakkun noted we were getting close to Sasuke, I heard the strange noises.

* * *

Suzume's POV

   I stood, trembling. "You're my prey!" Gaara screamed wildly to Sasuke. "My prey!!!"

   Sasuke used chidori, slicing through Gaara's transformed arm. So far, only the right of his face and his right arm have transformed, becoming the tannish color with dark blue markings.

   Sasuke retreated, hiding behind a tree trunk. "Come out, come out, Sasuke Uchiha!" Gaara shouted. It didn't sound like the Gaara I know. When he spoke, it revealed the pointy teeth in the right side of his mouth.

   Gaara said something about how he found Sasuke even more satisfying to kill now that he has been wounded so badly by him. Temari was shivering so hard from behind me, the leaves around her began to shudder as well.

   I don't know what to do! I could restrain my brother, but I wouldn't want to hurt Temari or myself in the process. With my special trick up my sleeve, I could probably restrain Gaara until Shukaku resides, but who knows what would happen to Temari in the process! 

   Allow me...

   No! Who knows what you're planning?!

   Your loss.

   It's funny how technically I'm arguing with myself.

   You're arguing with me, it's completely different. Now listen to me!

   Good thing I was on a large branch, because my head was hit with the pain waves again. Everything was fuzzy, a loud, vicious growl blared in my mind. I collapsed onto the branch, my hands holding my head again. Temari glanced over at me, and ran over to my side.

   "Suzume, what's wrong?" She asked.

   "I'm fine," I said, trying to stand up. I felt some sort of pressure.

   Let me out of here, kid! I'll make it as quick as I can so we can deal with these.

   Agh! Hikari and her squad, along with a ninja hound are here. Hikari gave me a weird look, then tried to use a water style jutsu, sending a blast of water at Gaara. His transformed arm (and now tail) merely absorbed the water, the force of the blast only sending him a few inches back.

   "Naruto! A little help would be fabulous," She said, using a wall of water to block Gaara's attack.

   Another wave of pain hit. My hands grabbed my head. Not this again...

   Come on, kid! You're just being a pain.

   Speaking of pain...

   It hurt... so... bad...

Temari's POV

   I was frozen in fear. Gaara let... that thing out again. Now he was outnumbered, five to one if you count the dog.

   "Suzume, do something!" I commanded. She stood up, keeping herself steady by holding onto a branch with one hand, grasping her head with another. "I don't know what's gotten into you, but you need to help Gaara! He's the main component of our plan!"

   Her hand went to some container secured around her leg. A dense-looking stream of green wind flowed from the container. I've only seen her do that once, when Gaara challenged her. I thought Suzume only knew taijutsu and basic ninjutsu! Since when was she so skilled at wind style? I have to lug around this huge fan, and I don't have a wide range of jutsu to use!

   Suzume straightened up, but was in obvious pain. I saw her make a hand sign, and the wind was sent up into the sky. The wind began to swirl around at high speed, producing an ear-piercing whistle. Genjutsu! We all fell to the ground, covering our ears. Even Gaara, who was about to attack Naruto. The Uchiha was already on the ground, holding his left shoulder. Hikari was at his side, trying to help him, while Naruto was attacking Gaara, who was holding Sakura against a tree trunk.

   Once I recovered from the genjutsu, I saw Suzume. Was that even her?

* * *

Suzume's POV

   I continued to hold back Shukaku, using the genjutsu to buy myself some time. Because the genjutsu took so much focus and chakra, Shukaku edged itself a little to the surface, only affecting my appearance. I felt my teeth becoming pointy like Gaara's, and ears similar to Gaara's transformed ones sprouted from my head. Fortunately, the pain started to dull away, so I can do something other than sitting here.

   Temari looked at me with an expression of sheer terror. It was almost funny. "Temari! It's still me," I said with a tiny smile, while everyone else started to get up, holding their ears.   

   Alright, sweet cheeks! You're going to help me out here.

   Don't call me that. That's weird. What is it?

   I explained my plan to stop the fighting.

   Hm, yes, but there's a catch. The more he transforms, the more you will. You have some strong willpower. You should have already had at least a limb transformed. But if he transforms completely, you'll...


   Well, you'll see for yourself.

   I gazed over to where Gaara was. His whole body was transformed, down to his knees.

   My wind returned to the jar. Panting, I realized how much chakra I've used, between fighting Sasuke and the genjutsu.

   Naruto made some shadow clones, sending a barrage of kicks directly toward Gaara. I cringed as I heard Gaara question how Naruto got so powerful. Making a hand sign, I saw Naruto make even more clones. I need to follow Temari's order, and protect Gaara while he recovers.

   I need to use that jutsu.

* * *

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