You see, i love her, i really do, but she'll never know it. I always tell myself to Never Say Never, but when i'm with her, i have to. She's beautiful, anything i've ever asked for, but she wants to be 'Just Friends'.

I'm Justin. Just an average teenage boy. Me and my best friend Jenna live together. I really love her, but she can't know. She's dating a jock, one i hate. I've caught him cheating before, but she didn't believe me. So i am stuck seeing her snog him, while he texts his other girl behind her back.  I really wish she'd see how much i love her.

It's just another typical Tuesday night, i'm walking home, to our shared flat. I step in the door, seeing her, on the floor, knees up to her forehead.

"What's wrong baby girl?" i can hear her sobbing

"Jen" i frown

"Jenna Anne" i pull her head from her forehead

"What's wrong?" i frown, kissing her cheek. See, we aren't just best friends, we love each other, alot, but i think i love her more then i should. I mean, we act like a couple, we cuddle, we sleep together, you get the idea, right?

"I caught him with another girl" she frowns, moving closer to me

"I said it was over, and he tried to beat me, the other girl just stopped him, and i left"

I frown, wiping her tears

"It's ok baby" i smile

"You're here with me now"

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