Chapter Seventeen - Cat

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I stared at my features in the mirror while brushing my teeth. I wrinkled my forehead in wonder and concern. Going over everything that Alex told me last night made my head spin. I wanted to help him, but I had no idea where to begin.

Breakfast. Well, that was a place to start at least. It's obvious he hasn't been taking good care of himself. Snuggling with him last night, I could tell he had lost weight. I know, at the very least, I can do this.

I get to work and it fills the kitchen with the yummy smells of eggs, coffee, and bacon. My stomach growled and I could feel the baby move. "Sorry peanut, my growly stomach is probably way loud to you in there, huh?" I giggled.

The house phone rang. When it rang for the third time, I answered it, afraid it may be important.


"Hello? Is Alex Bragin there?"

"He's unavailable at the moment. I'm his fiancé. Can I help you?"

"We just wished to inform him his mother is allowed visitors today."

"Wonderful!" I knew Alex would be excited to receive this news. "How is she doing?"

"I'm afraid I can't discuss that with you as you're not family, but Mr. Bragin will be informed once he arrives or you can tell him to call us."

"Oh. Right. Of course. Is there anything else I should pass on to Mr. Bragin?"

"Yes, he asked to be the personal contact for Tina Worthington. Can you let him know she will be released today?"

"Personal contact?"

"Yes, her emergency contact."

"Oh. Okay. I'll be sure to let him know."

"Thank you."

I hung up the phone. Why would Alex be Tina's personal contact? Surely there would be someone else that...? I shake off the thought. It's not important. I go upstairs to see if Alex is awake. The bedroom is flooded with light since we didn't draw the curtains.

I brought breakfast on a tray and placed it on the nightstand beside him. Alex looks so peaceful all curled up in bed. I sat beside him reluctant to wake him. I moved a piece of his hair from his face before trailing my fingers lightly across his cheek. He sighed and I smiled.

"Hey," I whispered.

Alex reached out and grabbed me causing me to yelp in surprise. He wrapped me up in his arms and I laughed. "I thought you were still asleep."

"I thought I dreamt you up last night." He nuzzled my hair and took a deep breath, breathing me in.

"I'm no dream but I had good dreams. In fact, I think this is the first decent night's sleep I've gotten since I left. I'm so sorry, Alex. I should have never..."

The rest of my sentence was silenced by Alex's lips covering mine. His kiss went from teasing to heated as he explored my mouth. He turned me over on my back as he continued. I ran my fingers through his hair as I kissed him back. The need for each other was growing, but then I remembered we don't have time to be fooling around this morning.

I tried to push him away. "Breakfast is getting cold."

"We have a microwave," he countered, he began kissing me again and I giggled.

I tried to push him away again. "Alex? Alex!" I had difficulty avoiding his kisses in order to protest.


His annoyed tone took me off guard for a moment but I grabbed his cheeks to look him in the eye when I explained, "There is nothing I would rather do than spend the day with you, right here, right now in this way but... the hospital called."

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