The Control Panel

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Read "The Boys Are Back" before this
Elise's face fell immediately, "What? Well...First witch, what do you mean? I brought you back! You owe me!" Elise began to slowly rise from her chair, the black slowly covering her eyes.

The first witch wiped a fake tear from her eye as she finally calmed her laughing, "No darling," she snapped her fingers, and four magical guards formed behind Elise, "I'm going to take Ella, the boys, Ara, the Satyr, the Fairy, and your power. I will gather my own body and I will restore myself to the great with I once was. You broke all the laws of magic Elise...You should be glad that I of all people will be the one to end you. I will even make it painless."

Without thinking, Elise threw her arms back and quickly flung them forward causing a fierce abundance of sharpened ice sickles to fly towards the first witch.

The First Witch smirked and held up one finger, causing all of the sickles to melt immediately. And in seconds, the four guards had each grabbed Elise. Two were on either side of her arms and two grabbed hold of either side of her legs.

Elise's eyes turned back to their natural color as she screamed and fought against the men holding her. But effortlessly, they lifted her into the air and proceeded to exit.

"They're guards made by the first witch, Elise. There's nothing you can do so stop fighting."

"My team! They'll get you for this--"

"Your team? mean those dirty cops? Oh, my dear, I cleaned house hours ago," she chuckles, "There's not one man on your team left. Enjoy your stay, for it won't be long."

Elise had never been this scared, she didn't want to die. That's why she did all of this in the first place, but to now know it meant nothing was her breaking point. She continued to fight as they entered the hallway and as the door to the first witch closed, she screamed.

Elise screamed a scream that she didn't even know she could create, but nothing happened. No one was going to come and save her and she knew this, it was over for her so while she fought, she just began to cry.


You jumped back from the podium and took an immediate breath as if you had been holding your breath for hours. You coughed slightly and waited for your vision to return.

"What the fuck was that? Was that real?" you asked yourself but as your vision returned, you realized that room had changed.

Instead of being a large space, it was now filled with screens that showed different things through what you guessed to be different eyes.

You quickly walked over to the podium and glanced between the controls and the newfound screens.

A thought popped into your head and you used the knob on the controls and flicked it. Just as you thought, the screen in the center changed from the one you knew to be the first witch's eyes, to one of the smaller screens.

You watched the screen closely, trying to get an idea of who you were watching.

It didn't seem like anyone you knew as they were walking back and forth, guarding something. But, with a quick motion, the guard looked at the thing they were guarding and it was your parents!

You quickly scoped out the area and saw a room with bars, quickly you flicked the knob again and nothing screen came to the front.

You watched, praying that you'd see someone you knew, and then you saw her,


You gasped and quickly placed your hands on the podium, once again a gust of wind hit you and your eyes turned pure white. But this time, you could still see the controls, and one specific control was worded, 'SWITCH'


Ella, Jungkook, Taehyung, and Jimin continued through the halls before entering a room labeled 'Valuables'.

Ella entered first with the others following in after her, "If your amulets are in here, they're idiots." she chuckled

"All you do is chuckle, do you do anything thing else?"

"Ouch, someone's touchy," Jimin spoke playfully

"Yea, what's the matter, Kook?" Taehyung asked as he began searching through the large room full of bins.

"I'm sorry," he said softly, "I'm hungry and I have this huge headache." he rubbed his forehead as he followed down the aisle with Ella.

"Well, the sooner we find your amulets and Ara's parents, the sooner we can leave," Ella said as she walked down the aisle while reading the nameplates on the bins.

"Wait...I don't hear anything about saving Ara in that plan." Jimin said quickly

"We will save her...It just won't be today. We're dealing with the first witch...It's not going to be a simple run-in and run-out. We need to practice, YOU SEVEN need to practice. Or else we'll all be dead."

"I'm not leaving without her--"

"Taehyung stop trying to be all macho. Ella's right." Jungkook spoke tiredly before losing his footing and falling slighting into a bin but catching himself on a bar.


As you listened in on this conversation, the switch button blinked and quickly you clicked it. Within a flash, it had felt almost exactly like an out-of-body experience.

When you came to, you were leaning on something and someone was staring worriedly at you.

"E--Ella?" you crept out

"Jungkook? Kook are you okay?"

"What's going on over there?" you heard Taehyung slightly yell

"Nothing, just keep looking for the amulets!" She whisper-yelled, "Kook, are you okay? I know you're hungry but--"

Suddenly you sprung up and grabbed onto Ella,

"I am not Jungkook, listen carefully," you began to speak clearly, what occurred started to make sense to you, "I am somehow able to jump into Kook's body right now and I don't know-how. Don't ask questions just listen! I'm not sure how long this'll hold but it's me, Ara. I'm in some kind of control room and somehow I'm able to see through everyone's eyes and do this! I can't do it all the time but I'm scared Ella, you have to get me out of here. My parents are in a room with bars, that's all I know--"

And just like that, you were pushed back from the podium, thrown to the ground, and once again struggling to catch your breath. You just laid there for a moment, trying to depict if that was real or not.


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