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Chapter 1

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AN: suup, hi. This is my first story here. Hope you guys like it. :) lalalalalaaa....

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Dana's POV:

My seat shook, making me jump, waking me up.


"You okay?" My dad looked at me reassuringly.

I smiled, "Yeah, just got scared for a moment."

"Don't worry, it was just the turbulance. We're probly landing in 10 minutes. Look!" he pointed at the jetplanes window.

Woah, this is the most breath-taking sceanery i've seen in my 15 years of life...

"Is'nt Thailand just great?!" my father said excitedly.

" It is..." I said, still enchanted by the view.

I could see the beach's ocean glimmering, smiling to the suns ray, the sand was just so amazing. I have to touch it...

blah blah blah, blah blah!

"whaa?" I turned to my Dad, seeing him rolled his eyes.

" I said, go wake up, Lily and Nate. I'll go wake up your mom. Man, they sleep like a...sheep." he said reaching over to nudge mom. She shuffled.

I unclaps my seatbelt going over to twins.

I stopped looking over my little sister and brother, hugging each other in one big seat.

Sigh, they were so adorable. Their golden brown hair from my mom, unlike my wavvy short auburn hair, their sky blue eyes from my dad, unlike my ocean blue ones. I don't consider myself beautiful nor ugly, just plain Dana. I guess?

"Nate, Lils, wake up, we'r nearly here." I tried waking them. "heeeey, wake up". This time they both opened their eyes at the same time.

"Dana?...the beach...when are we gonna play?" Nate asked yawning.

Lily opened her arms asking me to carry her, Nate opened his arms,too.

Ah, dammit.

"come on two." I carried them both. They weighted like one small fridge!

I bought them over my seat.

"Mr. Flow we are landing in 2 minutes." our private pilot, Mr.Neisse announced.

"Kids buckle up." my mum smiled.

I sat between my dad and the twins seat buckling my belt.

I smiled to myself, this vaction is going to be awesome...


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