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Yn pov

„I- love you too.." I whispered
"So, wanna.. be my girlfriend. For real.
Without any bets or anything." He asked nervously.
"We can try.."
"So it's a yes?" His face lit up a bit more.
"Yes" I said.

He kissed me then.
I kissed back.

"Finally I can call you mine again."Jaden said.

I giggled.

"Your cute when you giggle." Jaden said making me blush.

"Stop, your making me blush sir!" I said laughing.

He joined soon after.

"I hear y'all woke up" Jayla came into the room.
"Mhm, something wrong?" Jaden said looking at Jayla then me.
"Nope, just wanted to say, panels has changed we are going back home tomorrow, Javon has a interview so he needs to go to LA." Jayla explained.
"And why can't we stay here?" Jaden asked.
"Because mom dient want to be here with us alone, it's a family trip, forgot?" Jayla explained again.
"Yeah, sure." Jaden said.
"Whatever host get dressed, we don't have much time left." Jayla commanded.
"Of course babe!" I said.

She hugged me and walked out of the room.

Shit, I forgot, I wanted to kill her.

Actually I need to thank her.
I'm back with Jaden, because of her.

Basically we changed and ate food.
Chilled and went to the beach a lot.

Soon it was already time for bed again.
We need to wake up at 4 am.

We kinda switched rooms for this one day.
Javon and Jayla are in one now, me and Jaden are in the other.


We woke up and got ready for our flight back to Atlanta.

I kinda miss my home.
Nevermind, im coming back anyways!!


I fell asleep on Jadens shoulder. I felt him playing with my hair and kiss my forehead some times.

As we need to get out he pecked my cheek and shook me softly.
I woke up.

"Get up ma, we are back home" he said softly.


We arrived back home.
The first thing I did

Was to sleep.

I was so tired so I could be asleep till next morning.

After me and Jaden started dating we called a lot.
We met up lots of times.
I was happy again.

Happy to be with him.

He also was coming over a lot.

My dad's being strange.
He's distant from Jaden.
Even tho he kinda shipped me and Jaden at some time.

( not sexulizing(ik its not too good but I wanted some drama ))

"Be honest, have you done it?" Dad asked all of a sudden
"Did what?"
"Don't okay dumb!" He started to raise his voice.
"I'm not, I don't get what you want to know."
"Have you two fucked?!" It started to rain.
"ARE YOU OKAY?! IM 15!! AND SO IS HE!" I screamed into his face.
"You didn't answer me question!"

After this, I walked out of the house..
Waking to the park. In rain.

I put on my headphones and Listened to music.. my therapy.

As I arrived, there was a playground, so I sat on the swing.

I love the way the rain steams down my body.


I was soaking wet tho, but I don't care at this moment.

All I wanted is to be alone...


Alone with Jaden..

I jumped up as someone tapped my shoulder.

"What!?" I asked with an attitude.
"You okay ma?" Jaden asked.

I immediately hugged him.
I didn't want ti let go.

All I need in my life is..

-Jayla, Javon, Daelo, Jessica, DJ

And most of all..


"What's wrong?" She asked with a worried face.

I looked at him and saw that he was also soaking wet.

"Jaden, your gonna be sick.."
"I don't care. Are you okay?!" He asked again.
"My dad, he thought we were fucking..
And he screamed.. he also started to scream at mom. For like no reasons.." I explained.
"It's gonna be okay.. I'm here with you." He said.

He calmed me down in like one second.
"I love you okay, I'll alway we here for you, no matter if you'll hate me or anything." He said in a calm voice.

"I love you too."

He looked up at the sky, enjoying the raindrops.

I just started at him, smiling about how cute he is.

He then totems back to me.

"What?" He asked smiling

"You just look cute."

He looked me In my eyes and leaned in.

He hold my cheek with his hand.
Moving our lips in sync.
Raindrops still falling down at us.

That's what I ever wanted.


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