Video games or something else?~ Hiro X Reader

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You smiled as you start to head to Lucky Cat Cafe to see Hiro in a little date. You opened the back door and went upstairs to Hiro's room. You knocked and a 'come in' was heard making you smile at the sound of Hiro's voice. You opened the door to see nothing but the dim light of the television and a Hiro sitting in the floor in front of the television and candy at his side as well as video games.
"Hey, Hiro" You said walking in and closing the door behind you, when you turned around something soft was placed in your lips, and in turns out to be Hiro's lips. As you melt into the kiss, you put your arms around his neck bringing him closer deeping the kiss and he snakes his arms around your waist. Hiro's tongue lick your bottom lip asking for entrance but you denied playfully making him groan and he pinned you against the wall. You moan as he gently grabs your arms and put them in your head. As you break the kiss for air, Hiro start to suck and bite at your neck leaving some hickies in the way as you moan, deciding to have payback you start to leave hickies in Hiro's neck as well. "Jump" Hiro whispered in a raspy voice and you did, as he kissed you again but this time with more lust. Once you wrapped your legs around his waist, he gently laid you in his bed. Hiro break away form the kiss to take a look at you, and he sees a breathless, breathtaking, beautiful and awesome girl, he had ever seen since that moment you enter the cafe and smiled at him. Hiro didn't notice that he stroking your cheek sweetly and you smiled at him, as you hug him tight. "I love you, Hiro" You whispered against his hair, you felt Hiro smirk against your hair and whispered back. "Love you too" You were impressed but quickly recovered when he suddenly grabs your breast and starts massage it, as you moan loudly. "H-Hiro wha-at if we-e get cau-ught?" You whisper but was shushed by Hiro's lips, he hummed in response but he removed himself from you and looked at you; you could recognize lust, need and love. "Don't worry, Tadashi will be in Fred's house for the night with the gang and Aunt Cass went today to visit an old friend, so we have the house for ourselves" He said and smiles, you return the smile. In a blink of eye, he was shirtless as well as you,revealing your (F/C) lace bra to him making you blush. But you blush redder as you see that he had a little bit of abs marking in his abdomen. You trace your finger along the lines of the abs. "So you been working out for me?" You said teasingly and he blushes.
"Well, let's see if you have keeping your breasts virgin for me" He says as he removed your bra, showing your (S/C) full breasts. He gently start cupping them and massing them making you moan and groan in pleasure. As you close your eyes, you feel Hiro's lips in your nipple, gently sucking, nipping and biting them as you tangle your fingers in his hair and softly tug it. You gasped when you realize that Hiro's hand in your jeans zipper but at this point you decided that you want to be his and only his, as long as he is yours and only yours. When you finally opened your eyes, you see Hiro still sucking in your nipples but your jeans and your (F/C) panties were already at the floor. Hiro's hand rubbing against your heat making you gasp quietly. You moan louder when he introduces 2 fingers and start moving and pumping in and out leaving you breathless. But you groan as he pumped faster. "Ahh, Hiro~" You whispered as you cum in his fingers, you blush when you see him tasting your juices and giving you a smirk. "You taste sweet (Y/N)" You answer him by crawling to him and laid him down while unzipping his pants. when you were done with his pants you start playing with the waistband of his boxers making him buck his hips up but you gently pressed them down and you finally removed them and his long length popped out making you giggle. He blushes and covers his face with his hands, you start stroking him as you crawl closer to him and remove his hands from his face to see a really bright red Hiro, you chuckled and crawled back to his friend. As you start bobbing your head up & down, Hiro gently grabbed your head and make you go faster making him to throw his head back enjoying every second of his blowjob given you, his beautiful girlfriend. "(Y/N) I-I'm goin-g cum inside-e" And as he said your mouth was full of his cum and you gulped down all of it. In one moment, he has laid you down, and opened your legs. He opened the drawer next to his bed and pulled out a condom (Tadashi gave him that ;), as you trying to catch your breath, Hiro already put on the condom. "Are you sure about this, (Y/N)? I don't want to force you" He said stroking your cheek and you pulled yourself up and passiontely kissed him. "Of course, I want to be yours and only yours" You whispered and you laid down. He opened your legs and slowly and carefully trying not to hurt you, he introduced himself in your wet heat. You flinched at the sudden pain and tears start to flow in your eyes and fall down in your cheeks just be dried by Hiro's lips. He started to whisper sweet things in your ear, until it became pleasure you bucked your hips lightly motion him to move and he did. He started slow and start thrusted faster making both of you to moan loudly and scream each others name. "Ahh Hiro~" You moaned and bring yourself up to him to hug him while he kept his movements. Both of you were in the heaven, as Hiro fastened his pace, pounding on you and you scratch his back. "H-Hiro I'm going to cum" You screamed. "Me too-o" He said breathless. "Let's cum together" You said happily and he nodded, and is if it was a cue, both of you cummed together screaming each others. Hiro pulled out of you and throwed the condom in a trash can, and laid beside you. You (Hiro and you) got dressed and turned off the television. You laid with him on his bed and snuggle with him until you fell asleep but whispering each other a "Love ya" and a "Goodnight".
Hiro was in the shower and turned the shower off. He put his boxers as well as pants but left himself shirtless. He walked to his room with Tadashi which was reading a book in his bed. As Hiro searched for a shirt in his closet, Tadashi looked closely to his back and saw scratches. "So finally, you had action with (Y/N)?" Tadashi said with a smirk and Hiro looked at him blushing. "What? No!" Hiro denied nervously and Tadashi laughed. "Don't lie to me, (Y/N) left scratches at your back" Tadashi said teasingly and Hiro mentally replayed the moment of that perfect night and cursed remembering that actually you scratched his back but smiled at the thought that now you are his.
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