Chapter 2

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#1. Dungeon Baby

The environment beneath the surface was far too horrendous for Kim Jin-Woo to adapt to. Despite being born and raised underground, he remained disgusted and afraid of the dark Underworld.

He wanted to take revenge on the darkness and the Underworld Duke who had ruined his life, but he chose to run away instead.

But just as he thought his vengeance was out of reach, an opportunity to correct his life fell into his lap.

[Synchronization complete. The Naga's Labyrinth–the nest of 18,230 snakes–recognizes Kim Jin-Woo as its master.]


"Still, I'm her one and only brother. I can't just turn a blind eye to my sister's wedding."

{Even without money, she can still get married based on her background. You don't have to worry about it.}

"I'll be criticized if I do that. I'll handle it, so—"

{Are you planning on entering a labyrinth again? Seriously, if you're thinking—}

"I'm not! Don't worry... By the way, I have something to attend to. I'm hanging up." Kim Jin-Woo hurriedly pressed the 'end call' button on his smartphone to avoid listening to the other side's endless nagging. He could hear 'Jin-Woo!' echoing in his ears, but he ignored it.

"Marriage, huh..." he mused.

His sole sibling—his younger sister—was already old enough to be married. Both families had long since decided on a date for their first matrimonial meeting.

Marriage was undoubtedly an occasion to be celebrated, but the situation wasn't too optimistic for the bride's side. The groom was an executive of a decent middle-sized company. Kim Jin-Woo was doubtful that his family could match the groom's status.

Kim Jin-Woo recalled how his father—who usually welcomed him with a smile—recently always had a somber look on his face. He couldn't help but let out a long sigh.

As a dungeon baby, Kim Jin-Woo had been assigned to his family by the government; regardless, he had long regarded them as his true family members.

He pretended he knew nothing of the matter, but if the status quo wasn't changed, he might be forced to give his sister away while leaving her empty-handed.


He was so lost in thought that he couldn't even feel his smartphone vibrating in his hands. When he finally came to his senses, he looked at the words on the screen, and he fell into a daze.

'Labyrinth Management Office.' These words were his only link to the labyrinths—places he hadn't visited for quite some time.

As Kim Jin-Woo had just been contemplating whether to enter the labyrinths once more, he unknowingly pressed the 'accept' button. "Hello?" he asked.

{Hello, Mr. Kim Jin-Woo. This is labyrinth manager Moo.}

Kim Jin-Woo had heard the manager's voice in numerous calls before, so he was familiar with it. At the same time, he could hear the endless nagging of his parents in his head saying, 'the labyrinths are an absolute no-go.'

In fact, that sentence was the first thing he recalled the moment he heard the manager's voice. But right now, he was still hoping the manager had called to give him work.

He believed the one thing he could do right now was to explore the underground tunnels. As a dungeon baby, this was the only way he knew how to repay his foster family's kindness.

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