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'Savannah! It's you! OMG!' Tatum squealed euphorically.

Savannah had barely opened the passenger door, when Tatum was smothering her with a bear hug. Ross stood there laughing. He'd come to assist Savannah out of the car, but his baby sister beat him to it.

'Oh, you don't know how happy this makes me,' Tatum tugged non -stop on Savannah's arms.

'I can see so,' Savannah laughed. 'Please don't pull my arms out of their sockets,' Savannah grinned.

'Oh right ___ sorry,' Tatum gushed.

Savannah looked around and saw Ross' parents at the front entrance, waiting for her. Ross was now proudly standing next to his dad, patiently awaiting his fiancée. Sadie and her husband John came down to greet Savannah.

'Savannah,' Sadie laughed. 'Congratulations, we are so happy for you and Ross,' Sadie hugged her. 'And we're very thrilled it's you our brother has chosen,' Sadie whispered conspirationally in Savannah's ear.

Savannah laughed nervously. She was trying to get to Ross's parents.

'Congratulations,' John grinned from ear to ear. 'Glad to have some company here. I feel out-numbered by the Templetons,' he laughed.

'Thank you,' Savannah smiled.

'Come on up, Savannah,' Ross urged impatiently.

'Coming,' she responded, heaving a huge breath, as she made her way to Ross.

Tatum's arm was attached to Savannah's in a show of moral support. Savannah smiled at Tatum, trying to draw from her robust energy.

'Dad, mum,' Ross curved his arm possessively around Savannah's waist. 'My fiancée, you know her name already,' he laughed.

'Hi,' Savannah greeted nervously, making eye contact with each of them individually.

'Welcome to the family, dear,' Gemma Templeton smiled invitingly. 'Thank you,' she gripped Savannah's hands tightly. 'We are very, very happy for our son,' her eyes lifted adoringly to Ross.

'Welcome,' Jack Templeton, hugged Savannah. 'We're very proud to have you as our daughter,' he smiled warmly.

'Thank you sir,' Savannah was almost in tears.

'None of that formality,' he draped his arm casually on her shoulder. 'We are Jack and Gemma to you,' he smiled.

Savannah's eyes reached out to Ross, needing his support. He did not disappoint her, lovingly draping his arm around her waist. Feeling the unnecessary tension in her body, Ross placed a brief, but encouraging kiss on her cheek. His eyes smiling into hers, supportively.

'Shall we start the fire Ross?' Jack enquired of his son.

'Sure,' Ross reluctantly disengaged his arms from around Savannah's waist. 'You're okay with that?' Ross murmured in her ear.

'Yeah,' she looked up and smiled, her fingers pressing into Ross's before she released him.

'Your folks must be as excited as we are,' Gemma laughed.

Savannah smiled. Ross, not one for conventional protocol, had called her dad, telephonically making the formal application to wed Savannah. Ross had also demanded she call her folks earlier that afternoon and inform them that they would be visiting during the following weekend. Her parents were very old school. They were immensely proud of their eldest child. She had done them proud.

'Yes they are delighted,' Savannah smiled.

'Can I steal Savannah for a few minutes please?' Tatum tugged her arm into Savannah's again.

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