Chapter 1-after the rankings

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I look for my name on the rankings, expecting to see the worse and becoming faction less. I look at the bottom and can't see it, but it's not at the bottom. It's at the top.
I blink and rub my eyes to make sure what I'm seeing is right.
I came first.
The stiff came first. I can't believe it. Maybe I was meant to be dauntless.
A tap on the shoulder brings me back to reality from my thoughts. I turn around and see Tobias. I smile.
"Do you think giving a hug would give away too much?" He asks.
"You know what? I don't really care anymore." I say.
I stand on my tip toes and press my lips to his. I wrap my hands around his neck. At first he's surprised and doesn't kiss back, but soon his hands travel to my waist and he kisses me harder.
I pull away though, before things get too heated, and there's people here.
"Later." I whisper.
I look around and sure enough, everyone's staring. Christina looks the most surprised though, as she screams "HOW COULD YOU NOT TELL ME?!"
I glance at Tobias and he just raises his eyebrows.
"I should probably go and explain to her" I say.
"Yeah me too, Zeke is giving me the same look." He says in his deep voice. God I love that voice, and I love him. The thought surprises me.
I peck him on the lips, and ask "Meet you at your apartment?"
"Sure," he says.
I smile and walk off to Christina.

"Look I know you had to keep it a secret and all but didn't you trust me to keep a secret?" She sounds mad.
"I didn't tell you because I couldn't risk it, otherwise people would think I got a higher rank because I'm sleeping with my instructor!" I say
"Ok I understa-Wait you're sleeping with him?!" She asks surprised.
"No. We're just..." I say as my face turns red.
"Why did your face turn red?" She asks
My face turns a deeper shade of red.
"Umm, well he Doesn't know yet because he didn't see the final simulations, but," I start to say
"Omg you have a super embarrassing fear." She says "what Is it?"
"That," I say quietly and my face turns even more red, if that's possible.
"Wait what?-ohhhhhhhhhhhh" her face goes from confused to grinning like an idiot. She starts laughing. And laughing. And laughing.
"Ok? I'll text you later?" I say. She nods and keeps laughing.
Tobias just finished talking to Zeke, so we just walk to the apartment together.
He takes my small hand in his big one, and people stare.
"You ok with this?" He asks squeezing my hand. I love it how he is so caring.
"Yeah, just not used to it."
We walk to his apartment in silence, not awkward, but calm silence.
I'm Dauntless.
I'm Dauntless
I can't believe it
I wonder what's in store for me.

Authors note:
This is my first story, I just wanted to write it because I love fourtris. Please leave suggestions! Thanks!

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