Emile's Point of View
"Jon do you have Lindsey's And your bags packed yet?" I yelled down the hallway, placing Cole's and I bags by the door.
"How the hell am I suppose to pack a girls luggage?! I don't know what she'll want for Pax!" Jon yelled back, panic coming through. I stifled a laugh as he rushed around the house. We had a plane leaving at around 10:30 and we still had about a hour drive so we had to leave at 8:30 so we had time to find our area.
"For now pack her laptop, New 3Ds, chargers, headphone, and xenoblade chronicles, (playing that right now). And then pack her bathroom things." I told him, sitting down in my recording area.
"Hey everybody it's chuggaa-AAAAH!" I started out a video for pax's when Jon came in. "HEY EVERYBODY WERE DOING A PANIEL! AT PAX SATURDAY! BE THERE BECAUSE WERE DOING SIGNINGS AND OTHER STUFF! HAVE A GOOD ONE!" Jon shouted as I just laughed.
"Um..... Yeah what Jon said..." I said, still kinda shocked. I edited the video and uploaded it. My viewers already knew that I wouldn't update xenoblade Extra videos till I came back.
"Sorry for scaring you Emile. But I had too. It was a lot of fun last time!" Jon told me, wrapping his arms around my waist as he pulled me close.
"It's okay it was actually really funny." I told him, nuzzling his neck.
"That tickles!"
I started swaying back and forth, Jon soon following. we were soon doing a kinda slow dance.
"Um... Emile... Did you ever turn off your recorder?" Jon asked me softly.
"SHIT!" I turned around and saw the red light flashing.
"Fuck." I murmured softly.

I played the video on my computer.
"I love you Jon."
"I love you too Emile"
You could hear is talking softly to each other, swaying to invisible music.
"Let's not upload this and keep this hidden from Lindsey and Cole."
I turned off my recorded and went back over to Jon. I kissed him lightly on the fore head.
"Go back your stuff." I told him.

Sorry it's short. it's only 360 words. I could do better. Oh well. I have some stuff I've got to tell you all. 4th-7th grade was horrible for me. Through those years I was anorexic. Yesterday my friend called me an Anorexic little Bîtch. That left me in shock and anger. I walked away, tears I my eyes. after that I had such a bad day. That friend and I went to the councilor today and talked it out. We have to keep our distance and tell everyone that everything is ok. But yeah.
I'm anorexic. I'm 14 years old and weigh 87.6 pounds. Just wanted to let you guys know that.

Bye for now.

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