Chapter Twenty-Seven

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Billie looked up at the doctor, who took such good care of Isabelle. This was Calista? As in the love of Quentin's life, Calista?

"I'm doing well, and you?" Dr. Calista Gabris asked.

"Never better," Quentin said.

Billie looked from one to the other and felt like the odd woman out. "Umm... is she good to go now?" Billie asked.

Calista shook her head like she had to clear her thoughts. "Umm... yes. I just have to issue the paperwork about her care once they release her. The nurses will bring it to you and then you can go. Should I call you about her follow-up appointment?"

"Oh no, Isabelle is my goddaughter. Her parents will make a follow-up visit."

"Oh... so she, not yours," Calista said, looking past Billie to Quentin. "I thought, you and... well, never mind what I thought," she rambled on. Looking back to Billie, she said, "I will make sure they follow up with Isabelle's parents. Did you give them the number?"

"Yes, at admissions."

"Good. Perfect. Then I guess everything is settled now. I'll let them know Isabelle is back and ready to go home," Calista informed them and turned to leave.

"Calista? Can I have a moment?" Quentin asked, and Billie's heart plummeted into the pit of her stomach.

"Certainly," Calista told him, "follow me."

"I'll be right back," he told Billie, giving her a kiss on the cheek as he passed by both her and Isabelle. He caught up to Calista who was waiting for him just outside the doorway. She started walking again the moment he was at her side.

"Calista, I'm sorry I know I said I would never show my face here again."

"This wing is named after you Quentin; not like I can seriously keep you away."

Quentin rolled his eyes at the reminder that they had insisted on naming the wing after him when he donated the money to have the hospital wing renovated. It seemed the least he could do, knowing that Calista would be working there after they were married.

"I wasn't expecting to spring myself on you in this way... I just wanted to say..."

"I'm married," Calista interrupted.

Quentin stopped walking stunned. He blinked a few times and tried to shake off the feeling of being doused with cold water. "Married? No, I'm not married."

"No, I meant. I'm married," she said showing him her ring. "To a brain surgeon. We met here at the hospital."

"I see. Congratulations. I hope to be married myself soon," he felt compelled to say though he did not wish to examine why.

"To Ms. Dupree?"

Quentin nodded.

"I hope it works out for you Quentin."

"Calista, I need you to know..."

"I know, Quentin."

"You do?"

"It took me some time to calm down and realize that you weren't part of your father's plan. I think what made it sink in was your continued support of your foundation. I know you started it because of me but you didn't end it because of me, and it got me wondering."

"You never said..."

"What was I going to say? I was an idiot to let my anger blind me to the truth?"

"It wasn't exactly your fault. The evidence, though staged, was pretty damning."

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