Another Cinderella

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"Cameron? Wow um what are you doing here?" I asked. She looked at me me with sorrow and pain?

" I tried hard to come here to pay you my condolences. " she said timidly.
" Oh well thanks but there's nothing I can do now soooo.... but thanks for  coming anyway." I turned back around to my house.
She quickly pulled me back gently.

" Please, I am very sorry for the way I acted towards everyone.  I lost many of my good friends because I was so naive.
I turned my back on those who helped me the most and continued doing my step sister's dirty deeds." I looked in her eyes for the first , I've always heard the eyes are the entrance to the soul, and they were right.

In there I saw a girl too scared to dream and relied on the wrong people.
Maybe all she needed was someone who would lend her their ears and litsen.

"You wanna come in , it's a bit chilly out here. "
She followed me into the house. I sat the cookies down and the coffee. " Thank you. " She said,  I smiled.

"Her name was Linda Boxx.
I don't know, I guess it started when my mom died,  she had cancer and one day, there was no more mom.....
I used to be that cheerful kid that everyone like to be around,  after my mom died I just collapsed.

That's where Jacob came in and saved me, he was so nice to me when my dad remarried,  he was there always helping  me when my own father didn't. " For some reason I felt a pang of jealousy run through me.

I ignored it, she continued, " After a while , we became more than just friends,  we went out. For a while everything was fine, until they met. My sister was still in a relationship with some guy. But that didn't stop her from going at him.

For some time he barely talked to me , he ignored me and then one day he called me saying that it was over and that he didn't want me anymore.

I went back to school the next day and saw them sitting at a table and making out. That made me sick. But what could've I done? She was now miss popular and I had become her slave.

Jake barely talked to me , I was a loner until your cousin took me in with her friends. "

I interrupted, " Tell me why you were sooo mean to me."

She chuckled a bit, " I thought you were aware of that. " I crossed my eyebrows in confusion, "What do you mean, I don't get it. "

"I know that he changed..." she pause for a little bit, "but when you came it was different, I had never seen him get out of pranks and jokes , what I mean is he tried so hard just to prank you but before he used to just snap his finger and it happened. He payed so much attention to you it's like no one existed. When my sister went over his house he would spend hours figuring out his next prank for you. I got jealous and I told Maddy,  she told me to watch you , or keep you away from him. But I never meant for it to go that far. "
" What do you mean? "
She looked nervous,  she started to get up," I need to go."

" Please Cameron just tell me."

" I did not say anything. I was never here.
These street gang members were working for Maddy,  Anny accidentally walked in on them beating a cheerleader for flirting with Jacob. "

I gasped and shook my head. " She tried stopping them and threatened to call the police. I'm sorry I never told you this."
I smiled, " Thank you for coming out to me Cameron, but can we not prove that Maddy is behind all this or the street gang?"
" She'll always get away with it , she's daddy's little girl. "

" Well then I guess I'll use that as my weapon. " I said.

We sat in silence for a while.

"Oliveria, is it not clear that Jake is in love with you?"

I laughed, " I.... I what are you talking about? "

" It is as clear as water, he's always looking at you , he gets mad when he sees you with Arthur, he barely looks at Maddy the way he used to look at her. Carter told me he woke him up at midnight just to make up a plan. The boy loves you, and it's clear that you like him too."

For once I did not know what to say.

" It's complicated,  I love Arthur, but at the same time Jake haunts my mind. " I spit out.

She laughed, " You need to get yourself on the right track because sooner or later he is going to start a fight with his cousin,"
I rolled my eyes, " Like he didn't already try to do that."

she looked at her watch,"Well I have to go , Diner won't make it self now will it?"

I sighed, You're always welcome to come here if you need someone to talk to. "

She smiled sincerely, " Thank you,  thank you so much.  One more thing, just remember that Jake was my first love, I'm not giving up on him, not then ,not now ,not ever. "

" Back to the start already? You haven't even finished the race."

" Well this race, is a race I'll never stop running for." She exclaimed.  I showed her out the door and she said bye and left.
I went back inside to finish my chores,  just then the  bell rang again I ran up to it once again forgetting to check.

I opened.

The person on the other side surprised me," Hey Livvy,  I haven't seen you in a minute, did you miss me?" He smirked.

Oh.... huh?

Most Importantly, ENJOY (; 

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