George Weasley x Reader

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The battle of Hogwarts was in full twist. Death eaters were taking down witches and wizards very quickly. (y/n) was running away from her parent's murderer, Bellatrix Lestrange (sorry if I spelled that wrong). She quickly pushed and weaved her way through a groups of terrified looking first years. All of a sudden she felt a. Tug at her shoulder. Twisting around, she saw Fred and George Weasley looking at her. She had always taken a particular liking to George, like they just seemed to fit together like pieces to a puzzle.

"Hey y/n, who ya running from?" They both asked at the same time.
"Bellatrix!"she replied in a rushed tone, not wanting to be caught up to.
"Ok then, but before you leave, Geo-" Fred was cut off by George leaning down and kissing her. George. Weasley. On. The. Lips. But unfortunately before long, he broke away and smiled at her.
"Well, good luck with that!!" They replied in a cheery tone that could have never suggested that they were in a giant raging battle at the time. The twins ran took off to god knows where, heaving y/n flabbergasted. You then recovered and ran to find a place to hide from Bellatrix. (She never found you so you came out and tried to destroy as many enemies as you could.)
After the battle was finished, George found you on the ground cringing and being tortured being tortured by one last stray, but wounded, Death Eater. He took the poor guy down in under a minute. You had a broken wrist and leg (they where bandaged up). Scratches and deep blue bruises covered your entire body. He carried you into the now ruined griffindor dorm to rest. (Look I don't care even though the thing actually fell off the building, I need to get them to a place to be alone! :-) *devilish smirk*.)

"Uuuhhhhh, hey y/n." He said awkwardly when you woke up and scanned your surroundings.
"Ohmygoshwerearetheothersaretheyolay???!!!" She blurted out, nervous for them.
"Sure thing, but first, I need your opinion on earlier today!" He smirked.
"When?" She asked.
"Well, you know, the part were I sortakindamaybe kissed you?" He replied hastily.
"Oh yea! That was the light of my day!" She exclaimed.
"Uh, what do you mean by that? Was it good or bad???!!!" He asked worriedly, totally oblivious to her previous answer.
"Lemme show you." She tried to get up but stumbled because of her broken leg and fell right on top of George.
"Ohmygosh I am so sorry!" She smiled sheepishly and made a pretty good effort to get up, but with no avail.
"Wait, not so fast, can you tell me if you liked my lavishly amazing kiss I have you earlier today?!" George asked with a hint of sarcasm.
"Oh yeah." You remembered. You then leaned in, wrapped your arms around his neck and buried them into his stunningly orange hair. When she put her lips on her's, he immediately reacted be wrapping his arms around your waist.
Unfortunately, Fred just then opened the door to see you two making out.

"Aww Georgie's finally grown up!" He announced grinning.
"Buzz off, Fred." George murmured in between kisses.
"Well, I shall just have to myself a girl!" Fred settled on his announcement.
"Bye, then." She replied and then diverted her attention back to George.
Fred grinned and walked out.
When they finally stopped, too breathless to talk, y/n limped around with George's slender hand around her waist to support her. When they made it to the infirmary, y/n immediately started to cry. She hated seeing some of her closest friends she and George knew so well dead.
"Oh no, don't cry! I suck a comforting girls!" George said worriedly. This made you giggle.
"Don't worry, you are doing great!" She said supportively as she leaned into his chest.
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