Chapter 13- Truth or Lies?

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" Niall...Do you really think that after all you've done we want you here?" Now it was my turn to be shocked. 

" What are you talking about ?" What did he meant by "we"? I knew about Harry but...

Louis shocked his head.

" Just go Niall" He closed the door.

I turned around. How could Louis be mad at me for? 

I went into my pocket and picked up the letter.

" Shit" I whispered to myself. He got a letter.

What could I possible do? I needed to talk to them. But how?

I looked around, trying to find something to help me. 

About a 9 years old boy was walking on the sidewalk. I had an Idea.

" Hey , you ! " I said and ran to the kid who stopped and looked at me frightened.

" My mom tells me that I'm not allowed to talk to strangers" He said and looked around.

" Well you are talking to me right now..." The kid didn't seem to get the joke.

" Anyways, I'm not gonna do something bad or anything, I was just hoping that you could do me a little favor....I'll pay you" I crossed my fingers. 

" I have nothing to do with money" The kid said.

" Then what do you want?" I asked surprised. Maybe I've just watched to many movies.

" Nothing" He said. Nothing? What kinda child was that?! " But I'll help you"

I told him about my plan, that he should knock on Liam's door and when someone answered he should tell him that his friend fell off his bike and was hurt. 

Believe it or not, but the kid approved.

" Ready?" I asked in my hiding place. The kid nodded his head, took a deep breath and knocked.

Someone opened the door.

" Oh, hello little fella, can I help you with something?" It was Louis. I cursed. He shouldn't have got a letter.

" My friend fell on his bike, he's bleeding can you please help us?" The kid said. I was surprised. I would had believed him. Louis got his coat and the boy told him to follow him around the corner.

I stood up and ran into the flat.

" Lou who was it?" I heard Liam's voice.

" It's me" I said and saw Liam sitting in the kitchen. 

" What are you doing here" He said. Liam was mad.

" Look, I don't know what the boys told you but nothing of it is right. I'm saying that they are lying , I'm saying that nothing of is from me, or Mar..Marissa" Saying her name broke my heart. I needed her, right now.

" You cheated on her....You have a child for gods sake Niall! " Liam looked out of the window to avoid looking at me.

" This is a big misunderstanding ! You have to believe me ! I would never cheat on her" At that moment, Harry came into the kitchen.

" What the hell are you doing here" His eyes were icy cold when he glared at me.

" I have to talk to you" I said just as threatened as Harry. Harry looked at Liam.

" I'm not talking to you..." He said.

" That kid fooled me ! Guys, " Louis was surprised when he saw me.

" It was your trick wasn't it?" Louis said pissed. 

" I'm going, this is too much for me" Liam said and walked out of the kitchen. He didn't even look at me. We all watched him go out of the flat.

We stood in silence, all watching each other. All we needed was old fashioned guns...then it would look like an old cowboy movie.

" I didn't write those letters" I said after a long silence.

Harry shook his head, laughing like he was so sick of my lying.

" Niall ! Louis found your letter in your house! Stop lying" Hearing Harry saying those words was like a torment. I felt all alone. I felt like I was going into prison for something that I didn't do. I was innocent !

" Why did you do this? How could you say that I was touching Amelia in a sexual way? I hope you are kidding, because I would never do that" Louis looked broken. 

" What are you talking about ! Seroiously because if I did, I don't remember" 

Louis picked up a white letter and threw it at me. I grabbed it and opened it.

" Oh my god" I whispered. This letter wasn't just terrifying or disgusting. It was a life ruiner. I looked at Louis who ran his fingers through his hair.

" I had nothing to do with this, somebody is fucking with us" I said and waved the letter.

" Oh yeah? Because this one says that this one is from you too" Harry said and threw his letter at me.

" What the hell, I would never want Ally to leave you ! " I said after reading his. Harry rolled his eyes.

" You aren't the only one getting a letter" I said. I put their letters on the kitchen bench and took up mine.

" We got few more" I said and handed Louis the letter. Louis looked at Harry who didn't believe me. Louis bit his lip, wondering if to take it or not.

He looked at me and took the letter. Harry walked to him and they started reading it.

" That doesn't prove anything Niall...You could've written it yourself" Harry said.

" You have to read the other ones, why would I send myself and my family these kinds of letters?" I said and looked at Harry who didn't know what to say.

" But..." Louis looked confused. " What if Marissa wrote them? And why haven't Zayn and Liam got one yet?" 

" I was with Marissa when the first letter appeard. We should go to my place, you have to read the others"

Louis looked at Harry who nodded few seconds later.

We left the flat.

And the letters who were on the kitchen bench, welcoming the next person who would walk in to read them.

Who would it be?

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