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Pen Your Pride

last fight

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We were sending all  non shifters to Logan’s pack house. We asked for help against this man by calling in the sirens, other warlocks and witches so many creatures came to help us fight and beat this evil. I carried a little boy to the pack house and Cleo stated “I’m coming with you.” I nodded I didn’t want to argue with her and we needed the help.

It’s been a week since Orieus spotted Apollyon, Ross is glued to me he won’t leave me alone anymore he’s worried. The wrose things is I’ve been sick every morning. Like bad puking, and all. I feel exhausted. The pack doctor doesn’t know no one does besides my mate. I don’t want them to worry about me. I stood before the house as Caleb my stalker from the luna pack walked out of the forest.”HI SHAY!” he shouted like he was the happiest person alive. “Caleb what are you doing here?” I asked he smiled saying “I’m gonna kill your mate so we can be together.”

I growled and stepped forward at those words. “you touch him and I’ll kill you!” I roared he just tilted his head to the side and smiled saying “but Shay he’s the only one keeping us apart.” I rolled my eyes saying “Caleb he’s my mate I’m meant to be with him.” He didn’t like that cause he started growling and shaking shouting “NO! YOUR MY MATE!” Ross started shaking and said “GO HOME PUP!” they started growling at each other.

I sighed and shook my head great. Male testosterone in gear. Then HE came out. I growled and he smirked. “hello warrior.” Samuel had a warlock staff and stood ready. “you die today Apollyon.” He shouted. I kept my growl and was ready. He smirked and one by one an army appeared behind him. My mind felt dizzy but I pushed it back. I growled and Ross charged first against Caleb. Everyone followed except Apollyon and myself we starred off. Samuel shouted “Shay go!” I turned and ran along the forest as Apollyon ran along with me. We charged and the fight began.

~Annette~ [Author's note: Annette is Shay's real mom. The one that dies if you forgot.]

I watchjed from above with my husband holding his hand as we watched the battle. Our daugther was fighting against our killer. We watched her mate fight hand to hand against Caleb the poor brainwashed boy. He was lost. My counsel watched Dasius was watching over his son as this battle turned bloody. There was so much loss on both sides. I watched over two boys too close friends of our daughters. Joshua and an Ash. They were battling a Gorgon. I watched as the eyes of the Gorgon glowed and Josh looked right into them. “NOOO!!!” the Necromancer mate Page screamed having her dead fight the Gorgon as it killed her mate.

The next was Ash he tackled a Reaper and the syth ripped into his back as his hands snapped the neck. Both fell to the ground in pools of blood. Diana the witch was casting spell upon spell until a spear went through her back, I watched not being able to do a thing as she fell to the cold ground coughing blood trying to get air in her lungs and get the blood out. Gazelle looked down with tears in her eyes. Wallace the warlock pulled her closer as she wept into his shoudler. I looked back to my daughter she was in pain Apollyon had her pinned by the throat againsta  tree. She kicked up hitting his groin and threw him back.

I turned to the weeping necromancer her dead were protecting her as others were killing. She was in so much sorro her mate was gone. She looked up as the ground below her fell to pieces and she fell into the earth. I looked seeing a witch casting in her direction. The a blast of fire came out of the ground taking her life the dead vanished and fell to pieces. Another life lost. “come we have to gather those who have died.” My mate stated. I nodded and followed him to the gates. As I opened the gate I saw Page and Josh hugging. “are you alright?”

he asked she nodded and sobbed saying “I thought I was never going to see you again.” He smirked and stated “nagh I would haunt you even as a ghost.”  She smiled and Ash looked back. “Grace…” he stated as tears rolled down his cheeks. “if you wish to wait for her you may but she won’t die for another few years son.” Ash nodded and said “I’ll wait.” I smiled and had a bench appear. He walked over and sat down saying “no matter how long it takes I’ll wait.” I smiled he was a strong boy. The couple walked in hand on hand smiling.

Quinton sat by Ash and leaned back saying “I’ll keep you company my mate hasn’t come yet either.” Ash nodded and they waited. I walked back into our heavinly home and went back to watching the battle below. My mate and husband walked with the new arrivals and showed them around. My eyes turned to the Siren and her mate. She was hypnotizing the men as her mate was killing but what I didn’t want to see was a female wolf catch the male and start to fight so much blood came from them both. I watched as she fell to the ground Coral the siren screamed and called out to her mate “NATHAN!” he fell next as blood coated the ground around him.

[author's note: ok guys this is the second to last part of my book. don't hate me I had to kill some people. enjoy and ....ugh.... let me know what you think. don't forget ten comments and I'll post the very ending. I'm debating on writting a sequeal.]

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