Chapter 16: The Disappearance

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Chapter 16: The Disappearance

The amber amulet was sitting on Harley's bed side table while Harley was reading the strange book she had found a day before. She had then read more about the first story she had read before. The girl in the story, Alice, discovered an amulet of some scarlet-like gem. The amulet had powers, all the powers Alice could think of, the book said. As long as Alice thought of the power or if Alice needs the power, the amulet would glow and it would give its powers to Alice. When Alice was cornered by two drunk men, she had the power of strength to push the two men away. That's when Harley looked at the amulet. It was a crazy thought to think that the amulet she has was the same amulet Alice had but she just wore it anyways. It wouldn't hurt anybody.

Later that day, Harley was walking with Harry, getting a more conclusive tour around Hogwarts. The whole time, Harley was fiddling with the amulet she wrapped around her wrist. "Well, well, well, is little Harley having a tour with her little brother?" George was now blocking their way. "Move out of the  way, George," Harley said and suddenly, George stepped three step to the side, making enough space for Harry and Harley to pass. Fred looked at his twin brother, crossed, "George, why'd you just give in?" he asked. George looked at Harley, then to Fred, "I-uh-honestly don't know," he said scratching the back of his head. "Harley, your amulet's glowing," Harry said and Harley looked at the now-glowing amulet.  

That evening, Harley couldn't put it in words that she just screamed in her pillow. The amulet she has, is the same amulet that Alice had! She started jumping up and down but before she could have done something really weird, Ginny entered the room. "Ginny, Ginny, check this out!" Harley said and she closed her eyes tight. She held her hand out, concentrating on a book that was on her bed. Then, the book rose a few feet and the pages turned by itself. When she looked at Ginny with wild eyes. "Did you drink a potion or something? I mean, if you have super powers, it won't matter since you're a witch." Ginny said. Harley's shoulders slumped a bit, "But here's the thing, I don't need a wand, or a potion! All I need is this amulet!" Harley showed Ginny the amulet. "Really?" This time, Ginny was a little interested. 

After telling Ginny about the strange book she had found in Hermione's gift and the story from the book, they wanted to discuss more about it but they were called for dinner.

Sleeping peacefully, Harley smiled dreamily, dreaming about the wonderful amulet. But a shadow hovered over her. It looked back and forth from the faintly glowing amulet to the sleeping Harley. After a few moments, the shadow swiftly took the Amulet and was gone in a snap.

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