Get Off My Lap Ben!

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Me and Ben were about to leave to take the Pichu back to Dolce Island when I saw Jet hobbling over to join us. Evelyn was right beside him, taking shallow breaths so that her ribs wouldn't hurt.

I opened the ghastly yellow backpack and took out the roll of bandages that Dr. Edward gave me. "Leanne, do you have any alcohol or tweezers? Jet's leg is looking bad."

Luckily, Jet's wound had stopped bleeding. But there was still glass shards embedded in his leg.

Leanne nodded and abandoned her book to get said materials. Leanne kneeled next to Jet, who I had urged to sit down with soothing words and gentle coaxing.

Jet backed away from Leanne with a growl. Leanne held up her hands, trying to show him that she was harmless.

"Jet!" I scolded.

Jet turned his nose away from Leanne.

"I don't trust them." A voice said.

I'm assuming that was Jet's voice. I turned to Leanne. "It looks like he doesn't trust you yet." I apologetically said. I almost asked her if she could assist Evelyn, but even Eve was hiding from them behind Ben. I found it mildly amusing that my Pokemon partners trusted eccentric Ben, but they wouldn't come near mild-mannered Leanne.

So me and Ben took the initiative to clean up Jet's leg. He was going to need stitches, but I don't know if there were any Pokemon Vet clinics nearby. My best bet was to get ahold of Dr. Edward and hope that he had some knowledge on the health care of Pokemon.

After we finished bandaging it, I kissed the Pokemon on the forehead. "You and Eve are going to have to stay here and rest, okay?"

Jet shook his head vigorously and Eve squeaked in protest. He was still trying to be my little protector, even though he couldn't properly walk without veering to the left.

We were going to have to find a doctor to look at Evelyn, too, which would hopefully be soon. I prayed that Evelyn's chest was just bruised and that she didn't break any ribs.

"Listen, me and Ben are just going to return the Pichu to Dolce Island and ask Booker about repairing the Union, okay?" I told them. "We're going to come right back after that."

Jet's head dropped and he hung his head as he made his way back into my bedroom. Eve followed shortly after. They thought that they weren't strong enough to accompany me anymore, I could tell.

Though it broke my heart to see them look so dejected, I had something important to do.

Me and Ben walked to Booker's house, with Ben carrying an armful of Pichus. I carried the rest while Yuka merrily strummed on her ukulele. When we made it to Booker's house, he took off at the first mention of The Union and left us in his house, hardly stopping to welcome the Pichus back from their forced expedition.

Nick quickly followed after him after explaining that Booker was eager because he actually built The Union himself.

On the boat ride to Dolce Island, Ben took turns lifting the gang of Pichus out of the boat and letting their feet skim the surface of the water. Yuka played her ukelele softly, making the experience feel like something you could only read about in movies. If I didn't know better, I would say that the Ranger Union sent us here for a vacation instead of an urgent mission.

My stomach flipped when I thought of the word 'mission' and the worries that I had managed to forget on this peaceful boat ride returned about as quickly as I could blink.

Ben faced me and reclined in the small boat, throwing his legs across my lap. I gave him a questioning look. "Something wrong?" He asked, his tone indicating that he had no intention of moving his feet.

"Get your legs off of my lap."

He shimmied down until he was almost laying flat in the boat. He sat up and he was practically sitting in my lap.


"What?" He groaned. "I moved my legs off of you!"

"Get off my lap. You're not Evelyn, you can't pull the lapdog routine off." I grumbled, another wave of guilt showering over me when I remembered my hurt companions. I didn't get to dwell on those feelings for long before the man rowing us hit the shore of Dolce Island.

Ben jumped up and out of the boat. He extended a hand to me and I took it. In one fell swoop, I jumped out of the boat along with all of the Pichu. The unbalanced forces flipped the boat and the man fell into the water.

I squeaked out an apology and ran into the Dolce Forest before the man could say anything. The Pichus followed me with Ben behind everyone, making sure that all of the Pichus were accounted for.

I stopped at a big tree with a hollow center and turned to face all of the round-faced Pokemon. "Welcome home." I said, motioning to the beautiful forest that surrounds us.

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