I arrived outside my Photography class just as the bell rang, I opened the door and walked in, the teacher gave me a look and raised her eyebrow. I let out a sigh and made my way to my seat.

"Yesterday you were last to my class now your first?" she smiled at me for the first time and I shrugged as I slumped in my seat. "I like your determination." she added.

I nodded and turned away, she had no idea that I was actually determined to get away from a fake drama queen, not determined to get to her class.

Oh well, wouldn't hurt to let her think that.

I was really not looking forward to this class with Mason, I wasn't in the mood to face him. He had a weird effect on people, even if he murdered someone all he had to do was flash a smile at the judge and he would be off the hook. It gave me the chills thinking about it.

Maybe I should get a smile down, it could help me to get out of a lot of things like missing assignments or ignored curfews.

I was digging through my bag when I spotted my flash drive. Suddenly remembering, I searched around the room to find any computers. There were five lined up by the teacher's desk.

"Umm.. Mrs. Skylar?"

"Yes Lily?"

"Do you think I could have time to use one of the computer's in class today?"

She looked up and nodded, "Possibly, today is a work day for you and your partner to get started with your projects so if it is OK with them, then that's fine. No Facebook." She added, I smiled and shook my head no just as students entered the classroom.

I looked down and played with the strap on my bag as everyone came in, I felt someone sit down next to me and I knew it was Mason.

I still stayed silent as everyone settled down in their seat and the teacher spoke, explaining how we had the whole period to start on our projects. She assigned us camera's then went back to her desk to grade stuff.

"So... You know this is going to be hard when one partner is ignoring the other partner." Mason mused, without looking at him I replied.

"I'm not ignoring you."

"Then why won't you look at me?" he inquired.


He let out a small laugh and mumbled, "Figures..."

"What's that suppose to mean?" I accused, shooting him a look.

"Nothing. You ready to get started?" He gazed into my eyes and I forgot my snappy remark. Gosh, darn it!

Sighing I mumbled, "Um, yeah... The last few minutes of class I need to use the computer though." He nodded and pulled out the paper that had the directions.

"So... let's make a chart or layout of whatever ideas we have. Your suppose to think of photos for me and I'm suppose to think up of photos for you about your life, so let's make a chart for each other first."

"How am I suppose to think of pictures for you?" I questioned, I hardly know anything about him... Except for he might be a criminal. But I wanted to push that thought as far back as it would go in my brain.

"Simple. We get to know each other." I looked up and he was smiling at me, I sighed and snatched the paper, flipping it over on the back.

If he really was a cirminal then God shouldn't have rewarded him with that gorgeous smile. So not fair.

I looked around the room thinking then suggested. "OK then, tell me stuff that described you. Like a list of things."

I thought my idea sounded good but he rolled his eyes, causing me to frown.

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