Grounded all of youuuu

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Louis' pov

I could tell Hannah was mad. And who wouldn't be her whole house was destroyed by food. To add to that it was her food.

"Alright now all of you will finish cleaning this whole house and then you will go and buy new food for my kitchen since you wasted all mine." Hannah said. I could tell she was trying not to scream. I would have been mad to I mean it's bad.

"Alright we will." Summer spoke up." You can stay at my house till it's cleaned." She reached forward and handed Hannah the keys to her home.

"Actually it's not that late we will just go change and then go somewhere." Hannah informed them as she pushed Summer's hand back.

"Ya sure?" Summer asked.

"Yeah." She said before walking upstairs. Then she stopped. "Louis you can go home and change I will walk there when I'm done."

"Ok." I said walking out the door. When I got home I changed into black skinnies and a plain white tees shirt.

Hannah's pov

I had to admit I was suprised. I didn't think Niall would let them waste the food. But he did. So I decided to wear a white shirt with a black star on it. Then I put on some black skinnies and some cheetah wedges. Then I put on some diamond earrings and a braclet that says Strong. I also put on a gray beanie and curled my hair. I put on some natural make up then walked downstairs.

"I'm leaving now bye." I said as I looked at everyone as they cleaned. This was crazy. Liam should've stopped it not let it go on. I walked straight out the door and walked the few blocks to Louis/Bekah's house. As I walked up to the door he stepped out.

"Wow perfect timing." He joked. "So where are we going?"

"Um for a walk." I said. I never really had this planned. I just wanted to sleep.......

"Well then let's go my lady." He said grabbing my hand. We began our walk straight to the old park.

"Ya know when I moved here when I was little my mum would bring me here while my dad and uncle finished the house." Louis told me.

"Well then this place must be very speacial to you." I said wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Oh yeah it does." He said putting his arms around my waist. He leaned down to kiss me but then he stopped. He took his arms away from my waist and began to walk away.

"Louis whats wrong?" I said following him. He didn't respond and that's when I saw it.

Enjoy your time at this park it will be closing down next week to build a newer better park! :)

How dare they!? They put a smiley face as if that helps. They are destroying people's memories. This is crazy!!! I will find a way to fix this.

"Lou baby I am so sorry." I said walking infront of him. It was then that I noticed he was crying. "Aw baby we will find a way to stop this."

"It won't help." He cried." They still won't listen."

"Come here." I said stepping forward. I wrapped my arms around him and let him cry." Let's go home."

He stood up and we began the walk to his house. After we got to his house I walked home. I hated that Louis was proably home crying cause some stupid people wanna 'build a better park'. I walked in and noticed the whole house was clean and everyone was gone. All the lights were out so I expected Niall had went to bed. I used my phone flashlight and made my way upstairs. I changed into a pair of blue shorts and a blue tank-top that says Fierce. Then I climbed in bed and fell asleep after my long day.

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