13 & Pregnant {18}

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"Okay so she's moved to LA even better"

"Yes she has, so were going to keep an eye on her till the babies born"

" Thats good, very good. Your dismissed"


"We are never ever ever getting back together" I heard Marco sing as I passed by his door but I just walked away because thay was normal.

I walked into the kitchen and no one was there.

"Where the hell is breakfast?"

I walked to the fridge grabbed the milk and then grabbed the cereal. I turned some cereal in my mouth then some milk and chewed.

"Brooklyn West what the hell are you doing?" I heard Ryan say from behind me and I turned around with a mouth full of cereal and said," I dont know" which probably sounded like rubbish. I tend to do that alot.

"I'll see you later babe" He said as he kissed me and walked away.

"Where you going?" I asked him

"Friends house" He said and then he was gone.

After I finished my cereal I took a shower and relaxed in my room. Finally I could get some peace amd quietne-


Mia just had to interrupt me.

I ran downstairs and grabbed the phone thinking it was probably vicky or the other girls.

"Heyoo" I said

No response

"Err hi brooklyn" A nervous voice said and I noticed its Carrie.


"Hey Carrie wassup" I said as I plopped down on a bean bag chair.

"Nothin much ermm a couple of us are going to the mall today do you wanna come?" She asked and I could tell she's nervous.

"Yeah sure I'll meet you there in an hour"

"Okay see you later"

I hung up the phone and ran upstairs to get ready. I wore a T shirt and a checkered red shirt with black skinny jeans and my converses.

"Mia could you drop me off at the mall" I asked Mia as I twirled my hair and gave her the puppy dog eyes.

"No" She said looking right through me.

"Please Mia" I whined as I walked over to her.

"Fineee but this is the last time im taking you out" She said as she grabbed her keys and headed for the front door.

"Hey Mia" Carrie said as I saw her at the front of the mall with a couple of her friends

"Hey so what we doin today" I said as I gave Carrie a side hug.

"Well movies, burger king then home" Said Carrie


"Fast and furious 7 is the shit" One of Carries friends, Tanya , said hyped.

"I know right" I said as I walked into burger king.

"Hey Brook can I talk to you outside" Carrie said looking abit nervous.

"Sure carrie"

We walked towards the exit of the mall while talking randomly.

We got outside and we walked over to her car and she opened the passenger door for me. I sat inside and watched her walk over to the driver side.

"Hey so I want to talk about something" She said as she looked out the window briefly.

"Sure go ahead Carrie"

All of a sudden she leaned in and kissed me on the lips but I didnt kiss back. I pulled back with wide eyes as U stared at her.

"Carrie could you please just take me home" I said in a stern voice.

"Sure" She muttered under her voice and then started the engine

We pulled up into my drive way and Carrie turned off the engine.

"Hey im sorry about kissing you yeah" Carrie said with a sigh.

"Its okay but we could be friends though" I said and gave her a side hug and she smiled.

"See you around Carrie"

Sorry I havent updated in sometime. I dont think I wanna continue this story because I dont get much comments ti encourage me but i'll try and continue. The books coming to an end

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