Chapter 7. Party Time.

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Jeremy and I, Step-Brother and Step-Sister. A sentence that I wished wasn’t true. A sentence that I keep saying in my head. One maybe because I still can’t believe it. Two I still really can’t believe it.

Oh how fate sucks sometimes though.

Why do I have to be falling for him? Why did our parents have to meet? Why do I have to sleep in the same room as him? Questions questions questions. Sometimes when you over think a situation it actually makes it worse. Though under think it and you might do stupid things or ruin the situation.

Life is a canvas, you have to throw as much paint on it as you can right? Because living life is a gift, making it great is your gift to yourself.

In life some questions have no answers while others have simple answers. Life is not set in stone, nothing is perfect but yet when I’m with that sexy asshole everything feels perfect and all my questions disappear, suddenly everything just becomes simple even though it’s a very complicated. It’s like all that matters is how happy I am with him.

“Angel Angel earth to angel” A voice said as I noticed a hand in front of me.

“Sorry what?” I asked looking at the owner of the hand waving in front of me. It was mum. She looked concerned..

It’s been a week now since my mother and Stefan got married. Honestly me and Jeremy have gotten so close since then, at first it was different and weird but now I just want to be close to him.

“You ok?” She asked with a concerned look her face. Only other time I have ever since that face was just after my father died…

“Yeah I was just in my own little world again, sorry mum I really am ok” I said forcing a smile on my face.

“Ok well Jeremy needs to help his father so go up and get him please” She said smiling.

“Oh ok will do”

“Thanks baby”

I smiled at her and walked up the steps.

“Oi Jeremy your dad wants you” I said walking in.

I didn’t bother knocking because it was my room as well.  I noticed he was on the phone and I whispered sorry. He nodded and told the person he was on the phone that he had to go. Once he hung up he turned to me and smiled.

“What?” I asked. He was so confusing at times, just when you think you have him figured out he does something that just changes your mind. Which was kind of good, he keeps me guessing. Keeps me wanting more. I know that’s strange but it’s the truth.

“You and me at a party tonight” He said as he grinned. That grin did not look good. He looked way to excited.

“Sorry what?” I asked shocked. No way was I going to a party with him. No way in hell. We could end up anywhere, like jail for all I knew. Though some part of me, a really really small part of me, knew that I would be safe with him.

“Please it’s just on the beach, it’s not that bad just a few of my mates will be there” He said shrugging his shoulders. I was usually a party girl before my father passed away. Though I changed a lot after that. After seeing your dad die in cold blood it kind of changes you. Though not everyone will understand, it’s kind of one of those situations that you have to go through it too really understand it.

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