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Chapter 7:

The alarm clock blinked the time indicating that it was almost ten in the morning. I, on the other hand, laid on my bed as I stared at the ceiling. I couldn't sleep the whole night and I didn't know why. I groaned to myself before I decided to wake up. I hopped off the bed and trotted my way towards my cupboard. I took out my baggy pants and an over-sized t-shirt with my favourite towel before I walked to the bathroom for a nice shower.

After the shower, I felt a bit refreshed. Now, I craved for milk. The only thing that always woke me up from times like these would be milk. I nodded to myself before I opened the room door and decided to head to the kitchen. I walked passed my sister's room before David's voice caught my attention. I stopped abruptly from where I was going and retreated a few steps and I stood at the door. Was I hearing stuff? There was a quick silence and I was about to walk away again before it his voice caught up to me again. I couldn't help but notice that he was raising his voice at someone.

I know it was a bad habit to eavesdrop at someone but from the way David sounded, something sounded horrible. I placed my ear against the door and listened carefully.

"Kristine! You know that's not what I meant-" my eyes went wide with what he had said. He was talking to Kristine? My sister? And he sounded like he was about to shout at her. I wondered what was going on. My mind thought of million reasons to what may have caused the problem between those two. I didn't make even a slightest squeak instead I just stood there silent.

I was about to continue on listening when the door to the door abruptly opened, catching me off guard. I quickly took a few steps back as my head shot up to the certain somoene who had opened the door. David looked tired and his hair was a mess. His lips were thinned and frowned and all of a sudden, he was looking at me. He wasn't happy.

"Eavesdropping, I see."

"Eavesdropping? No, well, yeah, but I can explain!" I said as he rose both of his eyebrows, waiting for my sake explanation. I opened and closed my mouth a few times until I decided that I couldn't make up any excuses. With that, I closed my mouth tight. David took that as a positive note that I had been eavesdropping and sighed.

"Charlie, why were you eavesdropping?" he asked tiredly as I only bit my bottom lip.

"You were yelling at my sister," I said as I shrugged half way. Silence engrossed as he just kept quiet. He didn't utter a word as we both looked away from each other. "Is everything alright?" I asked finally, snapping my eyes to look at him after the silence took its toll on my patience. David just shook his head before he walked away from me to the kitchen.

"Everything's fine."

"But I clearly heard you," I followed him into the kitchen as he walked to the kitchen cabinet and searched for some coffee powder. "You sounded-"

"I said everything's fine," he stopped looking and looked at me dead serious. "Nothing's wrong."

I sealed my lips immediately, noticing that he wasn't in any mood to be pestered on. Without anything else, I just stared at him a bit longer. His shoulders were tensed out as he continued on looking for the coffee powder and his eyebrows were creased inwards. Something was definitely up and it was confirmed true when he started to yell.

"Damn it, where's the coffee tin?"

I was shocked out of my skin with that sudden yell as I quickly scrambled on my feet and pushed him away from the cabinet door and searched the tin for him. He just sighed a bit before he leaned his body against the counter. After I found the tin of coffee powder, I walked up to him. "Here it is," I said quietly as he looked down onto the ground.

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